11kv Rubber Mat

11 kv rubber mat

The SM551 is a high quality, finely ribbed rubber insulation mat that is fully certified and tested to 11kV with a recommended safety working voltage of 450V. 6 mm thick, 11 kV ribbed rubber mat for low-voltage switchgear. Female ASTM D178 Electrical safety rubber mat. This mat is distributed in front of the 11 kv switchgear (VcB). Insulation mats are available for insulation up to 33,000 volts (33 KV), meeting the requirements of IS 15652:2006.


The SM553 Elektroisoliermatte is mounted in 11kV high-voltage switchgear and transformer stations to avoid the risk of electrocution. T&D distributes low, medium and high tension insulation mats and protective wiring for use in transformer stations, switchgear, contact line and ground wire systems up to 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV and 66kV-132kV tension.

Gummimatten - Electric rubber mats wholesale of Ahmedabad

This is a major wholesaler of electro-rubber matting, electro-insulation matting, electro-rubber matting, isolation matting, electro-insulation matting, electro-rubber matting and electro-insulation matting from Ahmedabad, India.... It is also our aim to offer our customers an extremely long lasting palette of electro rubber meters. Known for their flawless designs, sleek surface and optimal isolation properties, these blankets are ideal for use on a wide variety of surfaces.

With our skilled specialists we are significantly involved in supplying high-quality electrical insulation mats. Our company is a pioneer in this field by supplying a popular electrical rubber mat. This mat is resistant to humidity and humidity and has been specifically developed to protect servicemen and maintainers from electrical shocks during work.

The wide mat, which is placed close to HT and LT controllers and in front of switch cabinets, complies with ISI product specifications for product integrity and reliability. Our cost-effective product for preparing surfaces, which is used in a wide variety of different areas such as plating, galvanising, welding, painting, glazing and gumming, is launched on the market.

As one of the main distributors of insulating electric rubber mats, we are able to offer a wide range of products. Electrical insulation mats can be supplied in any length and width according to customers' wishes. It is used as a surface by safety-conscious organizations to protect employees in high and low tension systems up to 66KV ac and 240V disc, where man's security is paramount.

Thickness 2mm - Vltage- 3.3kb, The electrically isolating rubber blankets are produced according to the old IS 5424 norm of 1969. They have a ribbed or grooved non-slip finish and are usually available in either dark or dark-coloured. These are relatively less expensive than ISI insulation materials, but have a longer service time.

It can also be used as a universal rubber mat.

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