30 X 60 Doormat

Doormat 30 X 60

<font color="#ffff00">TrafficMASTER Enviroback charcoal 60 in. x 36 in. TraficMaster Brown 18 inch x 30 inch.

Square door mat (Common: 1-1/2-ft x 2-1/2-ft; Actual: 18-in x 30-in). Total height: 0. 25''; Total width: 34''; Total length: 60''. Rubber ribbed carpet door mat (18" x 30", silver).

Cap Cod doormat 30" x 60" mansion size

Long-lasting, weatherproof, mould and mould-proof, machine washable and much more! Mould tolerant, infestation tolerant, reversable, floats freely in and out of damp, wash-able, colourfast, seawater repellent, heavy duty Polypropylen mat. Floor matting has a 1.25" thick surface. SIGNIFICANT BACK significant back-order note: This item is a custom order and retail order to the producer. A 50% re-storage charge will be levied on the cost of returning the goods.

Cocoa DOOR MATS - Coconut Coconut Welcome Floor Mat

Made from selected organic fibres, our floor matting is manufactured from long lasting organic fibres and interwoven with plaited selvedges. This simple Kokos floor mat is available in different heights. Tightly interwoven virgin fibres adsorb splash waters and softly scrub shoes to remove road debris and dampness with ease. The simple Kokosmatten can be used for the private as well as for the industrial sector.

Kokosmatten can be installed outside, but should not be subjected to rain. 14 "x 24" 26 "x 42" 36 "x 72" 16 "x 27" 30 "x 48" 36 "x 96" 18 "x 30" 36 "x 48" 48 "x 72" 22 "x 36" 36 "x 60" 36 "x 120" 24 "x 39" 48 "x 120".

Charleston Border - Personalised Doormat

Charleston Border's personalised Kokos floor mat is the ideal way to give your doors a little more glamour. This mat can be personalised with an elegantly bordered edge. Environmentally sound carbon floor matting is produced in a durable way from carbon fibres found in carbon nut shells.

They are then handwoven and imprinted with a biologically degradable plant dyestuff, further reducing the environmental impact. In addition, the personalised coconut floor matting is very non-slip and does not rot, mould or have stains. This ability means that the coconut mat will stay in front of your door for a long while.

In addition, the floor mats are very easily cleaned, which often requires simply a vacuum or even a shaking off. Default fonts used are Georgia and you can adjust the 2-line mesh and each line can hold: 8 chars on 24" x 36" format 13 chars on 30" x 60" format Personalised character sizes are standard:

"3 " on the 24" x 36" 4" on the 30 " x 60" If you wish to have your personal messages or surnames on these coconut mats, please type them in the fields above.

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