3x3 Rubber Mat

Rubber mat 3x3

Rubber interlocking floor mat - Red 3' X 3' - Resistant to grease. Relieve fatigue and pain with the RB rubber floor mat. 3' x 3' toothed rubber mats 1/2" thickness. The 24/7 drainage mat is one of the most popular for industrial applications. The nitrile rubber mats work around the clock to ensure employee comfort.

Karawanenanhang mats - Annex mats

In the Clark Rubber online shop, buy $130 or more to get the free restricted delivery quote. Our quotation is restricted to supplies within 50 km of the Clark Rubber warehouse to fulfill the order. Barrier Goods as defined in these General Business Considerations shall mean, without restriction, Clark Swimming and Spa Resorts, Clark Spa Resorts, Clark Spas, Clark Filtrite Spa Resorts, Sleepmaker Spring Core Beds and/or Floors, Queen Size and King Size Sponge Beds, Queen Size and King Size Rubber Beds, Rubber Plaster, Pre-cut Use Mats, Ultrarim Basins, Prismatic Framed Basins and Steel Framed Basins.

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Rubber floor mat - red 3' 3' 3' - resistant to greasing

Designed for either damp or non- damp use in a bar, restaurant, work area, kitchen, cafeteria and more, these rubber mesh door matting are ideal for use in a variety of applications. Locking function allows you to create meshes around textures and irregularly formed surfaces. Put these blankets around dishwasher areas and under freezer containers where the ground becomes slick.

Manufactured from long-lasting rubber, these rubber blankets give your employees a security feature that is essential to your business and protects you from legal hazards. Centric 1-inch hole with relief ring to allow fluid drainage and ensure pull.

VIP Prima Black Rubber Mat 3x3 feet

VIP Prima Black Rubber Mat 3 x 3 foot provides superior draining for industry. This elastic rubber mat provides outstanding anti-fatigue properties in industry and commerce. In contrast to other connection matting, the 1/2 in. thick rubber VIP Prima can be joined together to produce 90 degrees of rotation. The VIP Prima Black Rubber Mat 3 x 3 foot is lightweight and simple to use.

There is also anti-fatigue for enhanced employee productiveness and provides outstanding draining. Designed for universal use in the fat-free cooking or industry. VIP Prima rubber mat is available in various dimensions for general or culinary use. Vessels above surface, bigger vessels above cargo.

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