3x5 Entrance Mat

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Commercial heavy-duty entrance mat for indoor use outdoors, office operation 3' x 5'. 60 x 36 NoTrax floor protection mat, black (340S0035BL). Inlet / Scraper Wiper / Inside-Outside. High-quality entrance mat for indoor and outdoor use. Durable 100% nitrile rubber mat provides a non-slip surface and has 20% recycled content after use.

Guzzler 166 3 x 5 commercial entrance mat . $90.60.

Spache Mills® Commercial Entrance Mat 3' x 5' Spache Mills® Commercial Entrance Mat 3' x 5' Dimensions:

Spache Mills® Commercial Entrance Mat 3' x 5' Spache Mills® Commercial Entrance Mat 3' x 5' Dimensions: 3' x 5' 36" x 60" Please note: pricing, special offers, style and availabilities may differ depending on shop and on-line. The stock is continually selling and receiving throughout the entire working days, so the displayed amount may not be available when you arrive at the branch.

These inventories may contain a branch ad item.

Input matting 3 x 5| 3x5 Matting

The 3x5 entrance mat is a good sized mat to have at your fingertips. The use of a 3x5 mat at low-traffic entries helps create a secure walking area and prevent debris from getting into your shed. 3x5 walking pads should be used both as outer and inner pads.

A 3x5 outdoors mat should place an emphasis on removing mud, grit and salts from your footwear BEFORE it is pursued inside. 3x5 rug matting should be used to clean your legs like inner matting. The 3x5 entrance mat is small enough to be accommodated and placed in areas that need more shelter.

For help selecting the best 3x5 doormats for your home, please contact us.

WHATERHOG CLASSIC | Entrance mats for indoors and outdoors

Those blankets are great! We have bought two of these during the last years and are very much influenced by them. Protecting the floor in damp conditions and keeping it beautiful. You gave these pads the ultimative test when they come in with your feet damp and slushy.

They can be taken outside and washed. Great face-to-face attention!!!!!!!

WHATERHOG CLASSIC entrance mats 3' x 5' x 5' cm

One for the front and one for the back. By attaching this large 3x5 ft mat to the front entrance the children can take off their footwear without hitting the ground and leave their snow-covered, damp footwear on the mat.

Someone found that useful. Someone found that useful. While we were doing some remodelling and had a lot of guys typing in and out with gear and material, we put this through the front doors. The mat is well suited for the absorption of moisture etc., but shows "ice melting spots". Someone found that useful.

Big 5.0 from 5 star great looking mat that keeps away debris and drains from wooden flooring. It' appealing, lies and remains shallow, does not curl up and move when you go on it, and it really keeps the humidity away from the wooden shelves.

It' easily cleanable, has a large entrance area and is one of the best online items I have ever bought. There were three persons who found this useful.

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