3x5 Rubber Floor Mat

Rubber floor mat 3x5

Red rubber floor mat 3' X 5' - grease resistant. 3x5 Erie Tools Black Black Rubber Drainage Floor Mat 36" x 60" Anti-Fatigue Anti-Slip. Anti-fatigue floor mats Anti-slip 36" x 60" x 1/2" thick Quantity 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Rubber mat, 3' x 5', black (CU3660BK). The anti-fatigue rubber mats consist of hollow cylinders that provide a stable hold.

Red rubber floor mat 3' 5' red - Resistant to greases

This rubber floor mat is ideal for either damp or damp use in pubs, dining rooms, work areas, canteens, and more. Put these blankets around the dishwasher and under the freezer, where the floor becomes slick. Manufactured from long-lasting rubber, these rubber blankets provide your employees with a security feature that is essential to your business and protects you from legal hazards.

Centric 1-inch hole with relief ring to allow fluid drainage and ensure pull.

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3x5 Erie Tools Black Rubber Drainage Floor Mats 36" x 60" Anti-Fatigue Anti-Slip Floor Mats

3 feet x 5 feet Erie Tools 36 in. x 60 in. rubber floor mat, rubberized. Highly resilient, fatigue-free floor mat for use in kitchen, bars, garages, gyms, shops etc. Manufactured from synthetical rubber. The large perforated pattern provides outstanding draining. Can be used in garages, gyms, shops, docks, boats, sidewalks, etc.

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