3x5 Scraper Mat

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MLL14030500; Clean Step Outdoor rubber wiper mat; Recommended for hard surfaces; Dimensions: Inlet / Wiper scraper / Inside-Outside. Commercial Heavy Duty Mat, 3' x 5' member brand (choose your colour.

3x5 ft. ridge wiper mat has a robust ridge surface that keeps the floor dry. The ridge wiper mat should be used in slightly wet conditions to prevent slipping and falling.

Guandian Scraper Outdoor Doormat, Natural Rubber, 3'x5', Black, Ideal for any outdoor entrance, Scrapes shoes remove dirt and grime from shoes

And the mat I was replacing was exactly 4x6...the new mat didn't come anywhere near the right length or width (give 4 inch)...or take length/width...). It was not broad enough to hide why we had a mat in our entrance at all and not the watermarks from the old mat.

If it doesn't really make any difference what the mat is, you'll be all right... just keep in mind that you won't get what you pay for.... We kept it... yes, because the return of the mat would have been more of a pain than it would have been to deposit it on a side entrance to the parking lot... the mat is difficult and the stall was a chaos and not re-usable....

Rubber Kempf Wiper Mat Heavy Duty 3'x5''.

Highly resilient ribbed elastic mat that helps scratch off debris from your toes. Treat yourself and your employees to upholstered furniture throughout the whole working session with a Kempf anti-fatigue mat. Robust mat with a ribbed finish that removes debris from your footwear. The manufacturer's guarantee can be obtained from After Sales Services to make a query to After Sales Services.

Rubber Kempf Wiper Mat Heavy Duty 3'x5''.

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The high quality moulded profile scratches the boots aggressive neat and catches dirt in the bottom of the mat. 5/16 " latex design for long life. Bevelled edge for added security and to prevent slipping and falling. 3' x 5' Your cart is empty. There is a current issue with the preview of your basket.

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Clean Step Guardian Outdoor Mats, 3' x 5', Wooden, Blue (MLL14030500)

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