4x6 door Mat

Door mat 4x6

Mohican Home Chevrons Matrix Black Rectangular Doormat (Common: 4-ft x 6. Several sizes. The unique tire track mat is an industrial carpet that can hold up to 2 gallons. Symphle Stuff Rib Commercial Doormat Doormat Size: When you love a lot, then you will love the price on this sol 72 Outdoor-Bartow Doormat w001376816 Mat Size: 4' x 6' Color: solid red! 4' x 6' SuperScrape door mat.

Conord mat, 4 x 6-ft

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Wafer door mat 4' x 6' - charcoal

The wafer door mat has a heightened wafer texture of 100% recyclable polyester rug fibre that makes the scrape and dry processes easier while a duct style absorbs humidity and stains. Furthermore, a heightened elastic edge on all four sides of the mat serves as a retaining wall which ensures that humidity and dust are not transported further into the house.

Moulded pads on the bottom of the mat handle backgrounds minimise the mat motion. If you have further queries or concern about this item, please call 1.800.621.2802 for assistance. The Sam's Club Member Satisfaction Guarantee covers this item.

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