Advertising Floor Mats

Promotional Floor Mats

Individual floor mats are a good investment for your company. A leading manufacturer of high-quality sports and fitness mats for gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading and physical activities in general. Rubber advertising floor mats, customer-specific LOGO mats, nylon rubber mats, polyester area carpets, kitchen carpets, bicycle runners. This can be achieved with our advertising mats, fantastic advertising media that can also improve the order of your company. Further details - Treated paper doormat.

Works like a good advertising medium.

Advertising in-store with logo floor mats

No matter whether you are looking for a way to raise the profile of a particular products or services or extend the range of your overall brands, the use of floor mats is a simple, cost-effective and efficient way to do so. These are some of the explanations why floor mats are so effective:

Base area: The latest frontier of advertising? Ground advertising can help you use idle spaces and enhance your presence. All of us look to the ground in front of us when we shop; this is only naturalness. Do you know that 64% of retailers see floor mats and graphic designs?

Intelligent companies take advantage of our inherent downward trend by using floor mats to increase the visibility of brands and/or products. In the truest sense of the word, logo floor mats are directly under the foot of your customers, at a critical point where they are already in business, but before they have taken the last steps to buy a specific foot.

The use of mats placed in a strategic position in the shop can help you to give a vote and to involve your customers in their purchasing decisions. Doormats with your own company name and/or your own information are easily and quickly replaced at regular intervals so that you can concentrate on different items or steer your sale in a specific way by just replacing the mats at the foot of your customers.

Mean costs per imprint for the use of mats are one in ten cents, but the retailer product advertised through the use of customized floor mats has seen an overall 13% rise. The mats used to advertise in stores are one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your turnover. And if the prospect of new and existing customer growth at a small fraction ofthe costs of other forms of advertising is not enough to persuade you that floor mats work, consider that they are designed to do two things: make the buying environment a little more secure for both the customer and the shopkeeper.

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