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Camper mats | Outdoor | Caravan | Motor home | Beach | Outback | High quality mats | Great designs | Made of recycled plastic | Contact us today. The new designs recently introduced to the market are manufactured using the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery. Accessible Carpets & Mats, Morayfield, Queensland, Australia. Accessible Car Mats - @AffordableMats. If you are looking for affordable outdoor playground rubber mats, there are .


Affordable, lively and creative in Australia, our mats are engineered to fit your style. These mats are a high-quality "one-of-a-kind" construction without central seams, professional workmanship and extreme durability. Unique innovation one-piece technique (no center seam) with additional ultraviolet stabilizer to enhance the look and durability of your mats.

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Everything in one single unit for added rigidity (no center joint), making the pad a truly nimble pad. Edge is hot fused for added toughness and overlaid with a clean bond to true. Six high-grade lugs in all edges and in the center of the long mats were now integrated into the mesh.

It is a truly original design and superior to other similar items on the scene for this use. What makes you think you should select our equipment? Proven and reliable top of the range certification. Our company really knows our own production, we are spending our free hours using our produce outside. They buy Premiumware at affordable rates.

Used in nursery school, preschool, school, horse/dog/motorsport and open-air activities, the line is highly appreciated by caravan, motorhome and motorhome owner.

Accessible mats are environmentally sound, recyclable polyfiber mats that are made from discarded plastics and reincarnated.

Accessible mats are environmentally sound, recyclable polyfiber mats that are made from discarded plastics and reincarnated. These mats are lightweight, sturdy, easy cleaning, non-slip, damp or dried, fast curing, turf and grit free, one-piece matt for firmness. Paul, an ACC member, is offering his ACC colleagues a $10 rebate on each mate and a $10 allowance on cargo.

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