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When you love a lot, you will love the offers for American Home Rug Co. carpets this spring! Purchase products like American Home Rug Co. Areal Rugs in many styles, including contemporary, braided, outdoor and flokati shag carpets. Purchase carpets at America's Home Decorating SuperstoreArea Carpets.

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. Presentation of our Signature Masterpiece, Erloom, Tradtional & Museum Collections - Inheritance Qualities & Ancient Craftsmanship:.... Signature Masterpiece Collections offer beautifully hand-knotted carpets of the highest possible standard from 100% New Zealand Wool Piles - in classic and transition styles. Signature's Hiroloom carpet line provides outstanding handknotted 100% wool carpets of outstanding handmade qualities in the Persian region in wonderful traditionally designed fabrics - at remarkably competitive rates.

Tradtional carpets are characterized by a thick, high-quality, handmade 100% woollen fabric and tradtional Iranian style. Nice, but very hard-wearing carpets from the Orient. Designed to represent the very best in terms of craftsmanship and classical carpet styling, the Museum Collection is the first of its kind in Persia. Handknotted New Zealand half corset 100% woollen fabric. The American Home Premier, Classics, Designer & Contemporary Collections - nice, sophisticated vintage styles at noteworthy prices:

American Home Classic Collection provides professionally handcrafted 100% wool carpets with beautiful transition and tradition patterns at amazing price. American Home Contemporary Rugs are professionally handtufted and offer contemporary design in a range of colours - at amazing value. 100 percent woolflor. Carpets from American Home Designers - professionally handtufted, sumptuous, velvety carpets with high quality tradition design - at remarkably low cost.

Density 100% woollen fabric. American Home Premiere Collection provides the highest qualitiy handtufted woollen and satin carpets in classical Iranian style - at amazing rates! Splendid geometric carpet styles - beautifully colored pallets with luxury piles and beautifully highlighted, handcrafted from high grade wools and silks. Delicious loveliness and eternal refinement - artfully handcrafted - in the ancient craft of embroidery and tapisserie weaved carpets and tapestries.

Artistically advanced creations in beautiful, luxurious colour schemes, matched to today's present-day décors. Handwoven from high grade material. Professionally handcrafted carpets with floral and horticultural patterns in themes that are perfectly suited for today's classical and laid-back interior decor. 100% handtufted wool. Noteworthy prizes! Ideal for today's trendy decoration style, this new and thrilling handcrafted carpet range features relaxed and stylish styling in saturated colours and luxurious piles.

Designers home carpets in abundant hide motives. Luxury handmade luxury woollen nap - the ultimate modern or classic groundpaint. Exhilarating modern carpet designers range with handtufted, ultra-thick, luxuriant top. Low profile reverse carpets in classy geometrical designs - made from natural fabrics such as woollen, quilted, jute, seaweed and cottons.

Professionally handcrafted carpets with seashore and tropic islands motifs at noteworthy rates. The thick, luxuriant, hand toned nap is made of 100% woolen with silky accents. These carpets are handknotted in India from 100% woollen fabric and 100% woollen chain and wefts with eternal elegance and charme in smooth, attractive colourways.

Hanging carpets in beautifully crafted, rustic pattern that combine perfectly with any home furnishings - strengthened with rubber underlay for long lasting use. Oceans features and exuberant tropic fruits and wildlife in wonderful colour schemes - ideal for a relaxing atmosphere and hot climate zones. Fantastic colour in funny modern / transition design.

Ultradicker, luxuriant Flor, masterly handtufted from high-quality acrylicsarn. Beach Rug collections offer a range of soft carpets that would add a great touch to any maritime décor. This children's carpet range is handtufted with 100% acryl thread. Stylish designs in saturated colours that are processed into a luxurious, structured, high-low nap that adds dimensions and styling - for either classic or contemporary décors.

Handmade 100% wool. Handcrafted carpets with lush, firm background, accentuated with ornamental borders in classical colourways. Add your own personal touch to your interiors with either traditional or transitional motifs. Geometrical carpet design with hot colour pallets inspiring the South West's pristine art. A thick, tight 100% wool nap is both smooth and hard-wearing.

Handknotted, fine, exquisite, difficult to find carpets in persican style in very large room dimensions. The classical overall look allows simple matching with tradition and transitiontyles. Gorgeous persian Tabriz patterns of extraordinary hand-knotted qualities, characterised by high-quality wools and clean accents of sheen. Colour pallets for today's sophisticated interior spaces.

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