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Don't miss this source list of carpets from the USA, decorative carpets, rugs and more! WeatherTech floor mats are prepared for packaging by Zofia Stachowicz and Karina Rodriguez. They're floor coverings, not floor mats. With MAXLINER USA we are the company behind MAXFLOORMAT and MAXTRAY. Owned and operated by Kramer America, Inc.

MacNeil WeatherTech CEO livens'Made in America' Gazprom

David MacNeil drives this thing. He' s nothing but insane about producing his company' s high-quality WeatherTech car flooring in the good old USA and saying to other businesses that they should take over his corporate vision. On Sunday, million more Americans listened to the Chicago businessman's announcement when he spent $4 million on an ad for WeatherTech during the Super Bowl.

Everybody kept saying to WeatherTech: "You can't do this. "But MacNeill's answer, as in the Super Bowl commercial: Made-in-America' other important big game embassy came from Chrysler, a Dutch-based corporation belonging to an ethnic mixed corporation with a French CMO - and, yes, many thousand workplaces in America.

WeatherTech' s Super Bowl ad. Based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, WeatherTech has an American owned company, approximately 1,000 Chicago subway workstations, and a range of floor mats and other after market auto parts manufactured in the United States, virtually all the way to the polymer molecular. "MacNeil said to me, "The Super Bowl was a great way to market the WeatherTech name and make it known throughout America.

"And it also allowed us to convey a close and expensive news about US production, our industry infrastructures, plants in America, the use of American resources, and the recruitment of American labor. WeatherTech has become a multi-hundred-million dollars company with clear prospects for future expansion after a quarterly period of strong double-digit revenue percent expansion.

MacNeill's concept a quarter millennium ago was to develop floor mats for the retrofit market that would exactly match into cars to reliably prevent humidity and dirt from contaminating the rug and affecting the auto owner's capital outlay. First MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd. was importing mats from the United Kingdom. However, as WeatherTech's sales growth accelerated, MacNeil turned to manufacturing the flooring itself, in Illinois.

Digitalization and CAD-CAM technologies have enabled WeatherTech to produce accurate, safe and affordable floor coverings for virtually anything that travels. Now everything - from most of the factory's tools to the huge amounts of board plastics - comes to the company's Chicago suburb plants, which only come from America. And MacNeil has kept almost every facet of WeatherTech operation in-house, including his own employee at the Retail Call Centre and ploughing corporate car parks with his own truck.

But MacNeil does not want to know what kind of expense bonus he could pay because he is refusing to relocate production to China or elsewhere. "I' m going to produce here in America, and it really doesn't really care if I can produce cheaper abroad. "MacNeil was adamant that WeatherTech's path was the winner.

"Combining American technologies with great American workmen, you can be ahead of anyone, anywhere, at any time, anywhere in the world," he said. "WeatherTech is supplying floor coverings to a fistful of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), the top names in Germany manufacturing luxurious flooring, and he wants to do more manufacturing. Now MacNeil Automotive also delivers roof load bars, side windows guards, dirt traps and other automotive accessories.

MacNeil said with pride that when he extended his activities around the Chicago suburb, he did not ask for "any assistance from either regional or federal government in the construction of our mills. "Many clients and random watchers would have recognised the WeatherTech name before the Super Bowl commercial.

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