Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats

Designed to make standing more comfortable by providing an anti-fatigue cushion and support for the feet, knees, hips and back, our high desk underlay is designed to help you stand more comfortably. Non-fatigue mats, research shows, make a more comfortable worker who makes a more productive worker with fewer injuries and increased productivity! The anti-fatigue mat is designed to relieve fatigue and discomfort for people who need to remain in a standing position for long periods of time. Minimize fatigue so you can endure more: Find out more about anti-fatigue mats.

Anti-fatigue mats | Seton Australia

To get the most out of this website, it is advisable to update to the latest available web browsers. Seton's wide assortment of industry mats and anti-fatigue mats will help create a clean, safe and healthy working area. Reducing work-related injury and reducing accident rates, improving worker convenience and improving worker performance with our full line of high-quality industry, floor mats and anti-fatigue mats.

Anti-fatigue mats | Anti-fatigue mats

Anti fatigue mats have many benefits and benefits of use at work or at home. These anti-fatigue mats promote and promote foot perfusion while you stand and allow your skin to naturally circulate around your area. The anti-fatigue mat assortment covers all sectors and uses;

Our mats are divided into six main categories: anti-fatigue mats for damp areas - are designed for areas where the presence of alkaline fluids or washing down fluids is present, such as a sink area, a dining or serving area, a washing or drying machine or even an administrative area.

The mats collect the fluids and contain them in most cases to avoid slipping and falling. Combine anti-fatigue mats - a great choice when a large area needs to be protected or if you plan to often alter or switch areas shortly after laying the mats.

Anti-fatigue carpet - can be made from most anti-fatigue material, a carpet is a long mat length cut to length and width. Pedestal coasters - developed for office or workspace applications that have adopted the seating area. Chemically and grease-resistant mats - are engineered for challenging enviroments where there is a presence of chemistry, fats or liquids.

If you need more information or help selecting the best anti-fatigue mats for you, call our expert staff at 1800 316 453 today!

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