Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats

It has been shown that anti-fatigue mats and comfort mats increase productivity and reduce back, knee and neck injuries and pain. These safety mats have a solid vinyl surface embossed with raised diamond plate tread pattern for excellent traction. EverSoft Anti-Fatigue Vinyle Matten Non-fatigue mats, research shows, make a more convenient workman who makes a more prolific workman with fewer hurts and higher levels of production! Non-fatigue convenience mats are indispensable wherever employees are standing to relieve fatigue and pains from legs, feet and lower back. Anti-fatigue mats can be used in any business, industry, office, retailer or laboratory/pharmaceutical area.

Anti-fatigue mats are available in a wide range of designs and strengths to suit your needs and your budgets. The EverSoft anti-fatigue mats with their corrugated vinylic design are an economic way to decrease employee fatigue and improve worker efficiency. One of the most inexpensive anti-fatigue mats on the water today, and one of the most popular anti-fatigue mats on the water today.

High-energy mats consist of a uniquely cross-linked PVC blend that offers unbelievable versatility and instant bounce. The Hog Heaven anti-fatigue mats consist of a structured, 100% nitrogen oxide mat. The LeatherSoft anti-fatigue mats offer all-day comfortable sitting over a long period of use, with an appealing leather-coloured look and the longevity of a high-quality synthetic finish.

The Hog Heaven Fashion anti-fatigue mats are coated with a non-slip structured mesh that adheres to a 100% NRV rubber finish to provide excellent anti-skid and anti chemicals protection. This UltraSoft mats have a double-thick Nitricell foam pad containing PVC filled with NBR for outstanding convenience, bounce and durability. The lively Marble Top elastic finish provides a classic look for any work area.

Presently with antimicrobial finish and basis in both thickness. The Hog Heaven mats have a tight, carpet-coated finish that adheres to a 100% intermediate coat of nitrogen latex for excellent anti-skid and anti chemicals properties. The Confetti anti-fatigue mats from Hog Heaven Confetti are coated with a non-slip, structured latex coating and bonded to a soft pillow for excellent chemicals and skid resistance.

The Deluxe carpet protection mats are comfortable carpet protection mats which are characterised by a thick carpet finish and a non-slip back and border. The Rejuvenator is 100% Urethan, an unbelievably high quality foam blend that is more durable than any other anti-fatigue mats. The NewLife Eco-Pro anti-fatigue pad developed by GelPro provides excellent assistance and convenience for workers upright.

The anti-fatigue pad is ergonomic, with bevelled security edge and nitricell pad. The pulsating vinylic finish of Vinyl-Tech provides extraordinary chemical and pedestrian protection. Comes now with antimicrobial finish and basis. Occupational Stance is ergonomic in design to increase perfusion and reduce fatigue. The Energizer is the "next generation" SpongeCote with a technically engineered curved finish and unmatched levels of convenience and longevity.

The WoodOasis provides incomparable stand-up convenience while at the same time offering a uniquely glossy texture that matches any décor. The Complete comfort anti-fatigue mats are the latest innovative among the mats. The mats can be washed in a professional food service dish washing machine or even in a professional washing machine and tumble-drier. ⢠Silicone elastomer provides longevity and long-lasting comforts.

Convenient draining mats are durable, fatigue-free mats that deliver barefoot convenience and outstanding draining. Featuring a grease-resistant latex structure that offers superior grip and convenience, these mats can be designed to fit almost any lay-out. Designed with a grease-resistant latex structure that allows dirt and humidity to pass through while offering outstanding grip and convenience.

The Happy Feet comfort mats combines a penetration-free, strong outside coating of silicon carbide with a tight foam padding. The result is a unique and multi-purpose anti-fatigue matt with multiple textures and edge trim choices. The Industrial WorkSafe has colourful, all-round moulded security strips and a structured finish for additional grip in damp areas.

Anti-fatigue anti-puncture mats consist of a 3/16" thick industry standard synthetic rubber finish strengthened with imbedded marine string and polymer foam pad. The new 9/16 " thick WeldSafe finish has been specially developed for use in weld areas and professionally rejects electrosparks and sharp-sharps. The mats are perfect for soldiers, technicians, civil engineering and anyone else who is working at a low level and in different places.

Anti-fatigue sterile room mats are ideal for labs, ORs and other places that demand a microbe-free atmosphere. With our meshing foams, fitness mats and floor slabs, we provide a large range of gymnastic mats for lightweight and heavier use. Every mesh floor covering allows simple installations for any layout while offering a smooth, secure foaming finish.

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