Anti Fatigue Mats for Commercial Kitchens

Anti-fatigue mats for canteen kitchens

Would you like to increase safety and comfort in your kitchen? The AMCO range offers exceptional anti-fatigue mats for kitchens that offer both ergonomic comfort and safety. Our anti-fatigue mats give every cook the leg and back support they need. Kitchen mats for restaurants with special anti-fatigue properties. The mat is ideal for bar tables, kitchens and places that require long hours.

All your anti-slip and anti-fatigue mat requirements can be met.

All your anti-slip and anti-fatigue mat requirements can be met. One of the other most important characteristics of tea mats is that they must be light, hygenic, cleanable, rollable and handy. Our Melbourne facility has the ideal answer with a line of barmats and grocery mats that are 80% heavier than any other out there: the ideal solution:

Antimatter mats - Nutrition preparation banks and serving. Non-slip mats - dishwashing and sliding, damp sidewalks. Kühlhausmatten - Großhandel Gefrierschränke und Kühlschränke. Fat resistant mat - chip panes, hotplates. Entry mats - kitchen for eating, restaurants entrance. Rubber forehead knobs and a wafer finish ensure a bulletproof wiping effect.

Ideally suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms, grocery stores, machinery halls and other tough industry environments. Perfect for kitchens, behind grills, eateries, cafes, assembling line and cash desks. Perfect for kitchens, pubs, entrance to manufacturing areas, changing rooms and all busy areas.

Anti fatigue mats

If you are thinking of a commercial kitchen, you may be thinking of an enlarged versions of your home canteen. However, although commercial kitchens are certainly bigger than the standard domestic one, there are many other characteristics and needs that make commercial kitchens truly special. Every commercial cooking is different, according to the cooking and taste of the dishes prepared by the residents.

Such kitchens often have separated wards for different kinds of cuisine, such as oven and grill wards. Industry models of the same piece of kitchenware are available, so you can prepare your meals at home at any of these locations. In addition to being able to handle large amounts of foodstuffs, this industry piece of kit includes security devices that your household devices may not have, such as protective screens and touch-screens.

However, not only the furnishings are the only security hazard in a canteen kitchen. Prolonged periods of sitting in one place - an inevitable everyday job for staff doing this kind of work - can put stress on back, waist, leg and foot. The Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) is therefore calling for anti-fatigue mats to be provided in canteen kitchens.

Upholstered anti-slip mats for several reasons when it comes to staff security. In addition, these mats can help avoid slipping injury, especially in a place like the galley where workers often work and can splashily. When it is necessary to kneel in any working posture, thick blankets of elastic are also necessary to keep the worker's legs out of the way of the ground.

Security and convenience when sitting and standing are not only a demand, but can also improve the working ethics of people. Convenient workers are generally more productive, suffer fewer wounds and require less free play. Which mats are right for your cuisine? The National Floor Institute approves these mats to help relieve spine pressure, improve blood flow, and relieve fatigue from sitting.

They are light and are made of sealed cellular nitrogen latex so that they do not contain spilt fluids. The mats are also coated with an anti-microbial agent to make them immune to powdery mildew, mould and bacteria proliferation. Bevelled corners help prevent stumbling and make it easier for the trolleys to overturn the mats.

There are mats in dimensions from 20 inch x 24 inch up to 48 inch x 72 inch. Do you need help choosing the right mats in the best size for your canteen cooking?

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