Anti Fatigue Mats Suppliers

Anti-fatigue mats Suppliers

Producer and distributor of fatigue-free and ergonomic mats for use in industrial areas, factories, medical work, workshops and kitchens. Locate anti-fatigue mat manufacturers and suppliers in China. High quality anti-fatigue mat from verified and experienced manufacturers. AnHome is China's first and only manufacturer to meet the German (TÜV) CE certification standards and is involved in the anti-fatigue matting business. Supplier of luxury antique samples anti-fatigue mats for the kitchen (?


Anti fatigue mats

Contains a wide variety of anti-fatigue mat manufacturers for all sectors. Manufacturers and distributors of fatigue-free and ergonomically designed mats for use in industry, factory, medical, workshop and kitchen applications. All bevelled corners, colours include either monochrome or monochrome with protective edge in orange and 5/32 inch PVC finish, joined by a thick elastic spread.

One of the world' s largest suppliers of anti-fatigue mats for all types of business facilities. An extensive palette of mats specially adapted to the needs of convenience and maximum grip. Sales partner for anti-fatigue mats. Tubular cupola joint soli desk and drain-thru mats are available with shaped, bevelled edges. Shaped, transversely braced, elastic, grease-resistant, light and comfortable wing mats are available.

Mats 5/8 " and 1" high load conducting mats; and non-slip mats are available. Areas of application are clinics, labs, service meters, assembling plants, machinery halls and areas of servicing. Sales of cardboard boxes, flexible feet, anti-fatigue, anti-fatigue, conductive, non conducting, safe, runner, entrances & special mats for industry use.

Sales of occupational health and saftey equipment, ergonomically designed anti-fatigue mats included. Shift mats are available in various styles and qualities, up to antistatic, plain and softer. The mats are available in elastomeric material such as nitrogen and urethane. Mats are available in Polyurethanes for non aggressive, non aggressive and non aggressive areas. The mats are provided with bevelled corners.

Antistatic mats are anti-fatigue grades with chemically resistant and conducting characteristics used in the manufacture of electronic components or explosive materials. They are used in mounting work, counter servicing and retailing sites. The mats are also suitable for clean room and antistatic grade 2 use. Our range of products and solutions includes consultancy, system development, system development, system development, system implementation and system management. nsf/vwAllDocs/BDA9EBFBC2.....

Customized producer of ergonomically designed anti-fatigue mats for use in Class 100 clean rooms (ISO 5). Producer of fatigue-free synthetic floors for professional and heavy-duty use. Anti-fatigue mats supply, includes module, industry and antistatic mats. It is available in different colours, among them blacks, blues and amber. Among the various characteristics are the structure made of vinylic foam, the pebble slab and the bevelled top as well as the abrasion and skid-proofing.

The mats are designed for use in both damp and arid conditions. Tailor-made producer & stock holder for anti-fatigue mats. The mat type includes orthopaedic, reflective, rhinoceros, perforation and rip-proof, tufted fur, marbled tiled surface, gravel level and sealed cellular foaminyl mats. The mats are available in lengths up to 60 feet, 96 inches wide, 3/8 inches to 5/8 inches thick, and sizes from 18 inches x 30 inches to 36 inches x 30 inches.

Anti-fatigue mat producer. Elastic floor coverings & security mats, made to measure. Elastic product for security, slipping and antistatic use. Sales partner for anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats. Models included wavy rollers, knuckle and fat resistant anti-fatigue mats. Women's property leather manufacture able to distribute anti-fatigue mats. Anti-fatigue mats, air cushion mats, wave mats, honeycomb mats, scratch mats and lightweight mats are some of the different mats.

Manufacturers of moulded extrusions and moulded rubbers according to customers' specification. Sales partner for anti-fatigue mats. Non-fatigue mats are available in various colours and dimensions, among them 18 inch x 24 inch, 24 inch x 36 inch. Sales of mats, and anti-fatigue mats. Characteristics included greaseproof top and bottom sides of vulcanized rubbers as well as resistant to chemicals and heats.

Measurements range from 2 x 3 to 3 x 10. The colours are blacks and blacks with stripes of amber. Areas of application are, among others, industry. Distribution of gum product, and anti-fatigue mats. V-shaped wavy and broad grooved mats are among the models. The mat is available in a mixed SBR/natural caoutchouc finish and in an avarage length of 75 feet, 24 inches to 48 inches in width and -13 degreeºF to +158 degreeF temper.

Mats are used as ground protectors in entrance halls and corridors of office buildings and facilities. Sales partner for anti-fatigue mats. Anti-fatigue mats are available as either type: anti-fatigue mats, anti-fatigue mats with surface of natural stone, anti-fatigue mats with surface of natural stone and anti-fatigue mats with diamonds. Anti-fatigue matting is available in PVC in 9/16 inch total thickness and in 5 foot x 3 foot to 12 foot x 4 foot (L x W) size diamonds.

The anti-fatigue mats have bevelled sides to minimise the risk of tripping. Sales partner for anti-fatigue mats made of vulcanized foam cushions. Different characteristics included fat, slippage, chemical resistant, thermal resistant, drain hole and sound top surface. Distribution of anti-fatigue mats inclusive pillow and air-pad mats. Comes with integrated locking connector, moulded edge and integral elasticity.

Matting is ideal for workstations, register tills, serviced desks, industry facilities, kitchen and dining areas as well as meats and baked goods. Sales partner for warehouse and materials transport devices. Among the product range are veils, mailing and blister pockets, barrier, battery trolleys, spreading beam, containers, belt-driven fans, crates, dock dents and velocity dents, cupboards, tins, loading beam, cardboard box, trolley, rollers, chain, chair, wheel chock, pump, detergent,

Elevators, docklights, safes, markings, mats, intermediate floors, security mirror, portable unit, forklift truck, overhead panel, wired partition, platform, corner guard, side guard, rack, aluminium ramp, power cable drum, security gear and accessories, scale, manufacturer of stock and customised anti-fatigue mats incl. bonded mats. Colours available: 1/4 " and 1/2" thick, 54 " x 50 feet industry roller and 54 " x 72 " industry plate sizes with service temperature from -40 degree C to 250 degree C. Mats are used as running or ground mats in lorries, busses, construction and agricultural machines.

Manufacturers of anti-fatigue, anti-skid, anti-slip, anti-skid and anti-skid mats for industry and trade, as well as rugs. Also available as back pillow or back pillow and as cutting loops and loops in the shape of reels and packaging. Enhances occupational health and saftey in mature areas. Sales partner for occupational health and safety equipments and requirements, such as anti-fatigue mats. Further lockout and tagout power supply units, mirror, batteries, timers and detector units are available.

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