Anti Slip Floor Mats

Non-slip floor mats

Australian Matting Company (Amco) is an industry-leading supplier of non-slip outdoor stair edges and steel steps in Australia and New Zealand. STOPP anti-slip keeps your carpet in place simply and effectively. Accessories for floor mats complete our extensive collection of floor mats. The EMP series of floor coverings for wet areas. Non-slip shower and bath mats.

Non-slip floor mats | RS components

Non-slip floor coverings, tile, ribbons and colours are ideal for the work place or home to help avoid injuries. Slides and tripping are one of the most frequent work-related injuries, and the use of a non-slip floor pad or adhesive strip can help avoid them. Which kinds of non-slip floor coverings are there?

Non-slip floor mats are available in any size and are ideal for both private and business or industry use. Non-slip mats are manufactured as single mats or in roll materials as you would normally buy a new one. Custom anti-slip mats can be placed as needed and are available in different colors and heights.

When delivered on a reel, slit to measure and adjust as needed, particularly useful for installation into an available floor area. Non-slip flooring is not the default kind of flooring you would use in your home. Normally the flooring is used for a particular floor covering application in an industry area.

They are used on platforms, stairs, catwalks, cars and yachts. Available in an overlapping size, the tile fits together like a crossword and then snaps into place. Non-slip tapes are usually available in a self-adhesive size, but you can also use a sealer or glue for added safety.

Floor belts are available in various dimensions and designs, from warnings and danger warnings to coarse-grained designs. Floor bands can be used on many different kinds of surface such as cement, ceramic, masonry, timber and metals. Non-slip adhesive is purchased in different width roll lengths and then tailored to meet your needs, and the uses are infinite.

Utilize the belt as an additional firm grip on steps, high volume catwalks, hallways, factories and production areas. Floor straps are necessary where good hygiene, security and a stable stand are essential. Non-slip paint and sealant offers you a reliable and simple flooring application option that is long-lasting and simple to use.

Non-slip paint and sealant are ideal for areas with high levels of pedestrian access and can be sprayed using rollers, trowels and sprayers. Non-slip paint and sealant is a multi-purpose flooring.

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