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The most popular online carpet shop in Australia. This is the ultimate destination for carpets, furniture, home decor and more. Your little Chindi rugs, made of pieces of Indian saris. Carpets add refinement and comfort to any living space. At Wovenly we have one of the largest collections of curated carpets in the USA.

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Magnificent carpet, excellent craftsmanship and great services from the staff of Rug of Beauty! Even the carpets were simple to handle. The 300x400cm we got makes the lounge really comfortable and light! It is our business to make Australia's best on-line virtually owned carpet storefront the best you can find, so you can search our collections anytime, anywhere.

Our carpet collections include a wide selection of carpet designs, ranging from nature carpet, contemporary carpet, classic carpet, transitional carpet and even the most delicate hand-knotted woollen and satin mats. And we are very optimistic that your on-line purchase with us will be a pleasurable one. Atpay is a single purchase option for both on-line and branch sales that allows shoppers to repay their purchase in two weeks.

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Melbourne's widest selection of carpets, you will be thrilled by our assortment! Rug's Galore has been in operation since 1989 and now has three stores in Melbourne Branches in Blackburn and Dandenong. In Victoria we provide the widest assortment of machine-made and handmade carpets. Large volumes are purchased and the cost reductions are passed on to our clients.

Throughout the years we have maintained an expansive range of carpets from around the globe and are proud to offer our clients the best in designs and colors to keep pace with ever evolving fashions.

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Store allugs lets you search and buy every bit of Wovenly's classy range, from fancy running carpets to durable, weatherproof indoor flooring - and everything in between, all in one room. Buy all carpets and get yourself prepared for a serious stylistic stimulation for any room in your home.

Runners, round, elliptical, rectangular, square, rectangular or uneven, our wide selection of differently formed carpets are available in a variety of shapes to fit your room, among them 4x6, 7'10 "x10'10" and 12x15. It' simple to find the right hue for your styling, with luxurious golden, creme and grey, cyan, pale greens and yellows, and deep reds, oranges and purples, just a few of the beautiful colours to select from.

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