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Here are some member reviews of Auto Custom Carpets. Evaluations of employees of Auto Custom Carpets about the culture of Auto Custom Carpets, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Become the first to review this product. No matter if you are looking for Dodge, Mustang carpet or other species, we have it! You can order from our wide range of autocustom carpet parts and accessories, including bespoke carpet sets.

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I' d like to say that Auto Custom Carpets Inc. from Anniston Alabama is the resource for most, if not all, carpet sellers. I' ve purchased carpets from them for various automobiles - they don't have a heap of cuts in the kind used in Imperials or other nice automobiles, but they will make you tailor-made carpets from heaps of cuts if you want.

That'?s what you see in most "show" automobiles - it looks good, but it's certainly not the same as the originals. Players will not be listing the Imperial cutting stack for a few years, but if you get in touch with them, they will make it for you. Recently I did this for the darkgreen trimmed rug in my 67 Imperial Cabriolet.

Naturally ACC has no carpets like the brothel look used in our favourite EVIoupes - I'm sure there's a resource for that, maybe in interiors or costumes, but I don't think you'll find it at an automobile retailer. I got my rug from ACC and it doesn't really work.

It was Dave D. who wrote: Momentous thing below average about the spare rug I've received from ACC is the upholstery. Originally the upholstery is about an inches thick, heavier, cut and shaped into the ground. Anything that comes with the new rug is thin, lightweight and scarce. Upholstery is less substatial than the originals.

This means that the upholstery occupies less ground space. Had my initial carpeting and upholstery not been so, well, scented, I would have reused the old upholstery. Genuine upholstery looks like old-fashioned woolen mats. A 68er enthusiast could tailor his own upholstery and then put a new one over it.

There are two less important differences in the new carpet: the edges are vinylic and not the curvature, and the ground cover differs slightly from the OEM. Dave U. wrote: "I have used their carpets in several different automobiles, Ford's, Chevy's, and two Pontiac's with great results. All the carpets fitted together and seemed to have been fitted at the plant.

Actually, I just ordered a new rug for my 81 Imperial from them. Michael Olson wrote: As my 70s LeBaron had no doormats when I got them, I have nothing to liken to others but to read the commentaries here. Drivers and passengers sides were filling the ground to my satisfaction, even though the rear ends were only slightly bigger than the car zone I had.

Micah Pohlman wrote: Those folks are the worse in the worid that it has to do with, they say that their carpets are an accurate substitute for fitting and finishing. I ordered a 63 Imperial 4-door rug for a 4 doors hardtop, but it didn't close the space between the back seats and the doors.

Large free area in the centre under the front seats so that the bottom tray remains free. However, the worse of all was the healing pillow; false form, not fitted as originals, not the same styling, but above all no destination for the throttle that goes through the ground. And so now the vehicle is sitting straight, and so is my client, for a good resource for carpets that actually fit.

Michael McPhee wrote: A regular 17 years ago. Dave Houghton wrote:

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