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Car floor mats

Here you will find Automotive Floor Mats, Automotive Floor Mats, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Dealers with prices for Automotive Floor Mats for sale. Our extensive collection of high-quality car floor mats and loading surfaces guarantees that you will find the right car floor mat for your vehicle and your lifestyle. Flexi and Caruma are partners in the supply of AI-supported, vision-based automotive interior systems. The Volvo floor mat is not only intended for simple protection of the vehicle floor. Automotive online shopping from a wide selection of floor mats, boot mats, anti-slip mats & more at great prices.

Doormats, cargo ships, boot mats & more

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Sparrow company Large selection of carpets for cars

We offer a wide variety of carpets for automobiles, including licenced mats, unlicensed floor mats, carpets, rug rubbers, gum and buckets, non-slip back mats. Prevent the rug of your vehicle from wearing out prematurely. We offer a wide variety of floor mats for automobiles, including licenced and unlicensed mats as well as rug mats, rug mats, rubber floor mats and pail mats.

Floor mats avoid cracks caused by high steps and repetitive getting in and out of the vehicle. Among our trademarks are private labels for the large retail stores, private labels as well as a large number of officially registered trademarks, including NRL, AFL & RMW, R.M.Williams.

Automobile floor mats manufacture

The Nika Holding is a producer of automotive equipment. It has been active in the automotive accessory sector for about 2 years and manufactures floor mats for car boots and indoors. The Nika Holding manufactures mats according to a process that is not possible without scans. Computer-aided handling of the information guarantees that a sample is perfectly matched to the vehicle interface.

Following research into the markets for current technology, the firm tried Artec's M Modell scanners. "When we chose this particular type, we knew that we needed a fairly small unit to make it easier to operate within the narrow limits of a car's cabin. In addition, the scanners are often used in manufacturing under circumstances where the robustness of the housing is particularly important," says a Nika Holding staff member.

That is how the mat manufacturing processes work: A contract for the manufacture of mats is awarded by an automotive manufacturer. One of the company's employees goes to the dealership where he will scan the vehicle cabin. It is not simple to scan the inside of a vehicle because the room in a saloon is rather narrow and gloomy.

Sample taken in 15 min. Light indoor areas are scanned faster and easier, while the digitization of gloomy, especially windy blacks lasts longer. In order to obtain a high-quality replica of a boot inside, about 20 skans are performed. It will take about 30 min to complete the scanner. Artec Studio processes the information, and the designs are converted into a common export file and used as templates for drawings in other applications.

According to a member of Nika's staff, the key benefits of working with Artec are the contactless and fast scan of automotive interior and luggage compartments, the user-friendly Artec Studio 8.0 application surface, and the simple and straightforward operation of the equipment itself. Nazi staff say they want a start key to be added to the scanners themselves.

Even without a grip, it's a bit hard to keep the scanners in the tightest of spaces in a motor show. At Artec, we are always looking to make our product better. They have added a start key to their new developing styles and the shape of the torso has been redesigned to make it easy to keep when scann.

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