Bespoke welcome Mat

Tailor-made welcome mat

You can order your individual door mats today! No matter how individual your request may be, our customised door mats offer an ideal solution. Thanks to its natural absorbency, it is an excellent material for this welcome mat. Greet friends and family on your doorstep with this bizarre bicycle floor mat from Danica Designs. Match your company logo with our bespoke entrance mat design service to create an impressive reception for all your guests.


Free-of-charge stamped returned goods and replacements for orders sent to the USA. Refund more quickly with simple on-line refunds and get a FREE prepaid SmartLabel® refund printed now! Send or trade back your old or damaged goods by post or at one of our branches in the USA or Canada. For more information on how to complete a returned product, please see Reviews & exchanges.

Printing is fantastic and the workmanship is excellent.

Tailor-made door mats | Special mats

One of the biggest ranges of custom designed doormats in the UK. With our bespoke mat hire we offer you the option of choosing a mat that is exactly right for your sizing needs. In contrast to other products, these doormats are not just tailored to your needs, they are produced according to your wishes.

In addition to our tailor-made doormats, we also provide custom matting that can be personalized with your company emblem and your company name. Tailor-made doormats can be produced up to 150 cm in width (200 cm in width for the logomat) and up to 6 m in length. Click on the image below to see and buy our large selection of bespoke doormats.

In addition, our matting has a circumferential, strengthened elastic border, which supports the mat when lying down and prevents tripping hazards. Tailor-made doormats of both kinds are suitable for washing by washing machines and drying, which means that they are very low-maintenance. Our tailor-made doormats are guaranteed to be at a low cost, so you can be sure that you are getting value for money.

Also we are delighted to announce the UK's quickest custom tailored mat delivery system. With our express delivery we can have your mat custom made and shipped in just 5 working hours. Are you able to produce round or moulded meshes? I' d like a tailor-made mat, but without the elastic bands, can you help me?

Most of the matting can be produced as'no borders mat', please specify the desired mat dimensions and mat and we will be pleased to make you an estimate. Are you offering large, tailor-made doormats? Custom made running pads are available in large dimensions and we can supply running pads up to 25m.

Can your tailor-made meshes be machine-washed? There is a wide selection of tailor-made doormats available, most of which are washed in the washing machines. Please refer to our assortment and the personal ised specification to find out which are not.

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