Best car Mats

The best car mats

Robust Ridge All Terrain floor mats. Clear Kraco vinyl floor mats. High-quality floor coverings for your car, truck or SUV. With time, the elements can strongly affect the appearance of the car. In search of the best all-weather car mats?

Individual fit vs. universal car floor mats

So, you have chosen that you want to buy a kit of mats for your car or lorry, but you cannot choose whether you want a customized fitted kit or a general purpose fitted kit. Everything comes down to what you expect from your mats and we ask you the right question to make your own informed choice.

Tailor-made door mats are conceived in such a way that they match every possible m² of ground area. Costs will be higher as each vehicle must be accurately surveyed and schematized for accurate design - many vendors use precise lasers to do this.

Since the mats match the outlines of your car exactly, they usually have elevated lip seals that enclose the ground mats and are aligned with the edge of your ground. It may take some getting out of the car with newer cars until the manufacturer has mats for your car. Each car has to be thoroughly researched by the engineering team, the difference between the new cars has to be discovered, new mats have to be developed or the equipment catalogue has to be updated according to the results.

We recommend the MAXpider Kagu Line, WeatherTech DigitalFit or Husky Liners WeatherBeater for tailor-made doormats. We also have the MAXpider Classic Line and several Lloyd's rug ranges on offer if you are interested in mats. All-purpose mats are engineered to be suitable for all types of vehicle on the roads.

That means no car fits perfectly, but they are engineered to provide the largest possible area for most cars. Usually 2-4 different quantities are available so you can choose the one that is best for you after you have measured the room you need to occupy.

Universally applicable doormats give you some vulnerable floors because they don't perfectly match. These mats do not have to be redesigned every single case when a new car comes onto the market. With only 2-4 available in size (compared to tens of thousand of custom mats), significant savings can be achieved during the production proces.

When you have an older or unclear car, one of your only choices may be general purpose mats. Or if you have a new car, but new tailor-made mats have not yet been developed or added to the catalogue, general purpose mats may be your only choice (albeit temporary).

Universally used floors often have prefabricated cutting edges when you want to adjust or change your mats to get a better fitting. Remember that we have been offering Lloyd carpets and mats for most street cars since 1942 - all tailor-made. Have a look at the WeatherTech all-weather foot mats for our mats.

WeatherTech produces a range of "Best Fit" mats, which are a blend of genuine, bespoke floors and general -purpose foot mats. WeatherTech produces a range of mats in different forms and dimensions with the "Best Fit" mats.

WeatherTech determines which carpet best suits a new car when it comes on the market. There will be a better fitting than the general purpose mats, but it will still not be an individual one. Cutting rules are available if you want to trimming the mats for a better form and fitting.

Have a look at the WeatherTech all-vehicle mats for " Best-Fit " mats. It is strongly recommended that you have a kit of tailor-made mats. In addition to the custom-made mats, we suggest a kit of "Best-Fit" mats to protect you better than the standard mats. When neither of these two points interests you, or when your budgets do not involve tailor-made mats, the Universal Fit mats still do a great job of adjusting to their use.

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