Bike Doormat

Bicycle floor mat

Give your home a little personality with a cute, hand-painted doormat! Welcome your guests with the Bike Coco doormat. Interested in our bicycle door mat? You do not need to search any further with our bicycle floor mat. The Vintage Bicycle Floor Mat is a great first step to add beauty to your space.

5 doormats on cycling to welcome your buddies.....

When you are something like us, most of your buddies are sharing your love for biking. So why not welcome them with a bike doormat that will help you keep your corridor free of the splashes of dirt from well-used bike boots and make sure you walk into your home with a big grin? It' s a happy little bike that lets us get on our bikes and ride away as if it were the first morning of every year.

The price is 19.95 and it has a non-slip PVC cover (you need all the help you can get when you wear cleats!). Given that major retail stores offer "Welcome Home" bicycle equipment, do you think bicycling has become a sudden favorite? Argos' light and fun Argos options are scaled back from 19.99 to 14.99 and come with a tough PVC cover so it's as good outdoors as it is in.

A road bike? Found it for 14.95 by the boys from Cycle Miles - see here. Are you using your bike to discover the universe? Print the pattern on heat-resistant, non-woven cloth and then back it with a non-slip back of wet terry to keep it in place.

It can be used both indoor and outdoor and will cost £22 with an additional shipping charge of £3.99 - see here. Bigger than most of the other "standard" above option sizes of 75 cm x 45 cm, this Amazon beautiness is 75 x 120 cm and will cost 60.01 on free shipping. We are reminded of the pleasures of early in the spring and fall cycle sports - and you can see it here.

Bicycle floor mat

Dearly beloved beloved beloved beloved deloved! I' ve only had this pad for a few week, so I can't confirm its shelf life, but I like it. I' m a bike jockey and the designs are flawless. Every day I see it, I laugh verbatim. This doormat was purchased about a year and a half ago.

It'?s looking great, and everybody is commenting on it all the while. After about 6 or 8 month, however, it began to divide, and now it is almost entirely divided in the center. I got it as a present for my folks, they like it! It'?s a doormat. Beautiful to look at and practical, makes you want to get on your bike and make you laugh.

A wheel no longer existed within 2 workingdays of the pedestrian crossing. Personally, I adore designs and always get a feeling of gloom when I write negatives, but it won't take more than awe. We' re sorry to know your bike floor mat didn't hold. Hi, I bought two of these floor mats as a gift in December 2013.

Within 5 month they have worsened so much that the bike is almost illegible and the brushes fall out with warning speed. However, this happens although the matting is used in a protected place with very little circulation. It has a nice look, but the workmanship doesn't leave much to be desired. What's more, it's a great place to be.

There' gonna be a doormat for bicycles soon, for Christmas. It has been completely sell out for quite some now : ( Is there an ETA in store or should I look somewhere else? If I get another doormat, it will go straight to the back!

Cassie, Community ModeratorThank you for your interest in the bike floor mat! If we know the precise date, we will upgrade our website as it will be available for sale upon reordering.

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