Black and White Carpet Tiles

White and black carpet tiles

Wooden, black, white and grey square carpet tiles. Simply peel off and glue the carpet tiles onto a flat and dry surface. Our wool and high-quality cotton carpets, which are soft to the touch, but hard-wearing and durable, would be very grateful for laminate, floor tiles or even vinyl. Interior and exterior carpets would require a high level of care and would not last very long. California Safavieh Cozy plush Milky White Shag carpet More options.

Products and suppliers:

Products and suppliers: Approximately 42% are tiles, 11% are Mosaike and 6% are carpets. There are a large number of black and white carpet tile option available to you, such as bathrooms, house and guesthouse. We have 2,688 black and white carpet tile manufacturers, mainly based in Asia.

China (mainland), India and Vietnam are the main supplier nations, accounting for 96%, 2% and 1% of black and white carpet tiles respectively. White and black carpet tiles are most loved in North America, Western Europe and South Asia. Guarantee your own security by choosing from 513 different certificated vendors, 479 with ISO9001 and 198 with standard 14001.

We' re launching the new Gecko series.

We introduce Gecko, a new pattern for reptile rim carpet tiles. Gecko is the first in a line of Titanium designed Jetprints, the Titanium line, which is based on the structured look, pattern and color of the lizard's skins. Our cutting edges carpet tiles create an amazing new media for our designers.

We wanted our designers to create a series that would create a truly distinctive ambience in business premises. One of the challenges in the creation of a series of carpet tiles for professional floor coverings is to create carpet designs, colors and textures that work together as a single line and at the same time offer a variety across the entire product line that can compliment a variety of furnishing style.

This is exactly what the Geekko series does, the hot, deep pallet and the dotted, reptile-like design give this series a touch y, look that compliments naturally occurring surfaces such as wood and stones, while providing a beautiful contrast to cement and metals. We chose geckos as the inspirational piece for this series because they look smooth, old, leathery and haptic, and we wore them over the seven styles that play with the pallet and design.

It' s hot and carried, it' s pattern-like and incomplete like the gecko's cut. It'?s a trendy place for business indoor spaces, he said. Gockos have different designs and are among the most colorful wild animals in the planet, giving the crew a wide range of colors to work with.

One of the features of the entire Gecko series is the multi-layer use of color with interrupted black line in different latitudes and dephts. The combination of these colours with the new carpet tiles gives this series its characteristic reptile and palpable look. One of the outstanding features of the series is the wide color spectrum of dominating reds and browns with black stripes running through them like fissures in the ground.

Sterling Silver - Multi-layered bright shades of gray with contrast serrated black stripes and small spots of yellows and blues that create shadows and deepness. Taupe Dark - A dark, gray, warm basis with spotted black spots and colorful spots of reds, purples and greens. Nightshade - A more dark background of blues and greys with minute subtile yellows gives this carpet tiles a clearly structured look.

Dotted black forms harmonize perfectly with this style. It is the dominating basic color with consistently brighter blues. The characteristics of the black crushed line give this piece a nice structured look. As the name implies, this is the darkiest of the Geecko carpet tile series with the characteristic cracked black line with highlights of deep gray and minute spots of amber.

The basic color is spotted hot glow and deep grey, while black colorful stripes and small yellows give this series its characteristic reptile look. Progress in print technologies gives unlimited freedom in the designs of carpets. There are almost no limits to what can be accomplished with a web press on these carpet tiles.

Large open space business ventures are the place where these carpet tiles will thrive. Changing and blending together two colour or a mix of the entire assortment of Geecko carpet tiles allows home decorators and specifiers to customise the look of their designs for business. Take a look at our assortment of carpet tiles from geckos.

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