Black Coir Matting

Coconut black mat

Items >; Barrier Mats & Mats >; Coconut Mats. Colour: black, cream, red, brown, green. Every Black Coco mat is made of coconut fibres bound to a durable vinyl backing.

The French Court Coir Mat features: Coconut mats High density coconut edges Edging edges Various sizes.

Entrance mat made of black coconut fibre 17 mm thick cut to size

Our black coconut mats are sold in multiple lengths of 25 cm, so order the closest sizes you need from the drop-down list. The coconut mats are easy to trim for laying. The Coir Matting is an excellent matting material as it is absorbent, long-lasting and rough, making it perfect for removing dust and damp ness from slimy footwear.

We supply our coir mat with a long lasting, adaptable back which makes it easier to slice and lay with a cutting blade. Made to measure, our black chocolate matting is of the highest calibre as we purchase it from a high grade, family-owned mill in Kerala, India. Besides the qualitiy, our black coir mat is the cheapest one, since you buy it directly from us (the wholesaler), we are so sure that our coir mat are the cheapest one that we guaranty to hit any prize as for as for.

I just got our shipment of black coconut fiber.

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Kokosmatte is environment conscious and is ideally suitable for entrances and niches. Kokosmatten consist of 100% naturally coir fibres, which remove soil and deposits from footwear. Kokosmatte is PVC-laminated for a more appealing look. Experience it up person with our individual mat.

Sometimes we realize that you need to move and move our mat before you make a choice.

Coconut black mats | coconut fibres which can be cut into any shape

Ideally suited for interior use in mats shafts, especially those with intricate or uncommon forms, our black coconut mats can be cut to size with a keen blade. The PVC laminated coconut fibre has a very even, tight outer layer, resulting in a very clean, durable finishing. When your mats are lower, just put a sheet of wood in the floor and put your pad on it.

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