Black Entrance Mat

Entrance mat in black

All-weather cushion mat for indoor and outdoor use. Outstanding water retention for entrances to offices, educational institutions and industrial estates. ULTALUX Premium Indoor Outdoor Entrance Mat | Absorbent, strong, non-slip entrance mat High performance floor mat | Dark grey.


It' s the ultimative humidity absorbent. Studies show that only 2 increments on Coral Classic absorbent threads are enough to take up half the humidity that would otherwise be worn inside! The Coral Classic will retain its power and look for years to come thanks to the use of full dye yarn that guarantees its look throughout its lifetime.

The creation of a good entrance floor includes reflecting on cadence - the number of persons getting on and off in a given time - and itineraries ( the direction they take once inside) and using this information in designing the entrance area. We have 3 entrance areas that you can define in your entrance floor solution:

Each mat placed outside the entrance to the house is the first line of defence against floors, removing the worst debris from the shoe sole before it crosses the sill. Use 2: Inside useMoving inside, the next line of defence is used to eliminate humidity and fine debris from all legs that enter the build.

Other areas in the structure also suffering from ground and humidity; entrance areas, hallways, sidewalks, lifts, stairways, etc. These areas are all susceptible to debris and profit greatly from a specially developed inlet bottom for corals to collect the debris. That means that our manufacturing site in Coral is part of an efficient environment system and has received accreditation to comply with standard 14001.

No landfillThe factory at FurniBox has virtually no disposal site. BottleThe main back of our Welcome entrance base is made from recycle de  PET-bottle. Reuse of garbageAll garbage from producing corals is reused by the thread suppliers. Many of our Econyl® entrance bottoms use Econyl fiber made from used and deserted fisheringnets.

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