Black Mat Company

The Black Mat Company

Browse through the entire range at This black mat is a grease resistant rubber.

The two mats have bevelled edges on all sides. At MAT Holdings, Inc, we are an American company that manufactures air compressors, air tools, generators, high-pressure cleaners and accessories for them. For years, black matt has covered most stains and oil stains, black is by far the most common colour choice.

The popular pure black mat is back in 20mm & 40mm!

Buy securely on-line in any Trusted Store with the Trusted Stores certification mark - thanks to our money-back guaranty. Get your order and all your upcoming orders for up to 2.500 Euro directly after your order in stores with the Trusted Stores Mark with just one click. Warranty period per order is 30 workdays.

Real satisfied with my matting, and my services and deliveries were top notch. Buying the 20mm luxury carpets with the jammed edge so my woman and I could do my own work in the cottage. They are of excellent workmanship and much better than anticipated. All in all I am very satisfied with the level of customer care and the overall workmanship of the products, I wish I had done it earlier.

Work colleague, dry area Anti-fatigue, 824

It'?s not just color for color, it's color for function! The Workmat is one of our most favourite matting in cooking areas, a versatile, fatigue-free mat that provides excellent draining. This black mat is a fat proof gum. They have beveled corners on all sides. Matting is perfect for cooking, dining, bars, gastronomy and may also be suitable for industry workplaces.

The Sustainable Yoga Mat Company, Manduka, is celebrating its first year in apparel.

20 years ago, Peter Sterios, an architecture student who turned into a young student of Yoga, could not find a mat that would give him a solid handle and plenty of help. Thus he himself created one and it revolutionised his practise of yoga. In order to pass it on to several of the teachers who trained and inspire him, Sterios sent his mat as a present to Erich Schiffmann, Rod Stryker, Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Rodney Yee and Shiva Rea.

In the classical Yogatradition each of his teacher share the mat with his disciples. Manduka, a company created for and by the yogi, was established in 1997 based on the simplistic notion that a better mat could make a big difference. Good yogi matting is a great way to make a big impact. Since its inception, Manduka has shipped over 2 million Yogamats, and from its inception, the company has been driven by the commitment to reducing overall consumer spending by producing better quality and longer -lasting goods using sustainability practice and advancements in textiles and materials technologies.

Manduka's iconic Black Mat PRO celebrates years as the best mat in the game. Manduka PRO range Yogamats are developed to last a whole lifespan (or more) and reduces the amount of PVC matting that ends up in landfill each year, reducing the overall mat usage by ensuring their durability for a whole lifespan. Last-forward to date and Manduka's purpose-built items along with their mat ting, hand towels  and requisites are on sale on-line, in studio and in stores in 65 nations around the globe.

Continuing its ever-improving dedication to sustainable development, excellence and accountability, the company has been a trusted fan of the planet for two years. Having an entrenched client list at a heightened level of awareness of yoga and an explosion in the healthcare and spa industry, the company recently knew it was the right moment to do so.

Joanne Sessler, experienced perfomance clothing expert and vice president of Product for Manduka, says to me: "We will always be a Yoga, healthcare and spa label, but we will make some big changes. Being a dedicated Yogai herself, her key beliefs attracted her to work with the Manduka group.

"Sessler says I really wanted to join a company that believes in sustainable development and transparent operations in a way that both attracts and challenges me. In February of this year, the company celebrates the first jubilee of its first major shifts - the company's success in entering the field of software goods with its men's and women's clothing line managed by Sessler.

Asked what prompted the company to put on clothing, Sessler says: "Originally we thought the same thing. We' ve actually spoken to other businesses and thought about whether we should make plug-and-play with someone else or whether we should buy another line.

At the end of the day, we couldn't find a company that was like-minded. Mike Soenen adds: "Because of the power of our franchise, the amount of cash we needed was minimum. In our first year, we surpassed our expectation when our collections were greeted with enthusiasm by both retail stores and consumers in the U.S., as our sales in top class NYC and major retail stores across the country show.

This line has also performed well on the international stage. Sessler' s years of designing expertise are clearly expressed in Manduka's garment industry first. The Manduka range has developed a design-oriented line of performances for men and woman that uses the latest technologies for durable textiles that go beyond the fitness centre or fitness area. In the first year, you want to achieve the key components of fitting and style, and that's what we did.

It' s also up to you to make sure your entire delivery pipeline is sound. The thing I like about the women's line is that it features slim styles in uniquely durable fabrics that deliver superior levels of comfort, cover and comfort, that are sexual without being open - especially the sport bra, something Sessler is very familiar with from previous company experiences.

"When it comes to their clothes, men are unexpectedly humble. It is our aim to develop perfomance solutions that enable you to practise and go beyond your lead. Manduka's clothing line has definitely expanded Manduka's consumer footprint beyond our fan base, as our perfomance and casual clothing goes beyond many of our physical training events and our customers are wearing the company's clothing far beyond our physical activity.

Manduka will be releasing its early season line in a few short months, with a great urge for styles and fashions and a much wider range of men's and women's keys. Next autumn, you should look for colder clothing and layered parts as well as light parts for warm climate zones or more intensive training where less material is needed.

Manduka's course of economic development fascinates me because, unlike so many businesses today, it's not about time. Time is everything, both during implementation and extension. As Manduka came onto the market, there was still little room for practicing the Yoga. Following two decennia of meeting the increasing demand for long-lasting, lasting Yogamats and equipment, the company is now able to enter other synergetic mat manufacturing industries with the same keywords.

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