Black Rubber Mat

Rubber mat black

Hard-wearing, wide-ribbed natural rubber film protects the floor and provides a non-slip surface. Rubber mats in black, insulated on white background. Offer a comfortable worktop with the Apache Mills WorkStep Black Rubber Anti-Fatigue Wet Mat. Crush welds - Black rubber buffers Read more - Black rubber buffers. Non-slip rubber mat.

The ultimate floor coverings Multi-purpose rubber mat

Product can be collected or shipped. Our shop will get in touch with you to check warehouse uptime, shipping costs and payments.? Verify whether the client picks up his order or has it shipped. Please consult the vendor to verify warehouse uptime. Please organize the payments at this point, if any.

South Earl's multi-purpose rubber mats are highly adaptable and ideally suited to protecting your shed or your ground from harm and to providing you with a secure workplace.

1mx10m rubber mat black with ribbing roll

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Hard-wearing, wide-ribbed rubber film to protect the floor and provide a non-slip finish.

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