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Square block carpets

To remove all skirting boards, use a crowbar and a wooden block. PURCHASE IN UNWANTED RECYCLED PARQUET FLOOR BLOCKS *. Rugsets form / number pad rugs squares. The Flagship Carpets' Building Blocks Carpet Squares contains colourful letters and numbers for hours of learning pleasure. This carpet field helps you to teach and reinforce mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction.

Teppichfliesen | Shadow Blocker

This old adage "less is more" is often used in daily routine and sometimes also for floor coverings. Shadow Block's subtile workmanship is the ideal choice if you want the big environment to lead the conversation. Because of the restrictions of desktopscanners and the relatively inconsistent nature of monitor screens, the colors you see on your monitor may not always be an absolutely true representation of the real work.

Whilst we endeavour to make our colouring as precise as possible, the screens are for guidance only and should not be considered as completely true. To see a specimen of a specific item on our website, please refer to your nearest office.

Living area Extra heavy duty (6)

A cityscape is shown by means of texts, symmetries and deepened block shapes. Combining styling, affordable, extra rugged design and 100% Green Star Points, it' s a design you can redefine every day. Ranging from health care, educational and catering to retailing and offices, our carpet tile offers a floor covering for every type of business venture.

For something quite different from the traditional squares, all our carpet flooring programmes are available in boards and thin boards. The Feltex Tee series combines shape and good styling and is a diverse carpet series. The Feltex Zile offers a floor covering solutions for all industrial applications. Ranging from health care, retailing, schooling, gastronomy and business equipment to something entirely different outside the yard - there is a Feltex floor covering that fits.

Comes in a variety of colors and style. Accessible, robust and long-lasting rugs have additional spot durability and are therefore suitable for high frequency areas, lounge areas, stairs and corridors. Comes in a variety of colors, because of its durability, polyamide is perfect for households with kids and pet owners. Commonly referred to as high low loop rugs.

Living 6 stars Accommodation for extra heaviness, suited for all areas with particularly strong transport. The carpet has been classified as appropriate for use on staircases. Fulfils the Carpet Institute of Australia standards, incorporating power, usability, raw material, manufacture, product responsibility, energy consumption control, GHG emission and VOC control, and fulfils the Green Building Council of Australia's assessment framework.

Try to buy the highest value carpet you can buy so you can continue to appreciate it for years to come. Teppichschutz:

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