Blue Carpet

Carpet blue

Design a modern look in an old room by laying a beautiful blue carpet. Blue Carpet is a public work of art in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, designed by Thomas Heatherwick. Have a look at all the action on the #JWMedal Blue Carpet! Blue carpet is a dark blue building block with a light blue frame and the texture of a solid raw fabric. In villages, yellow, orange, white, red, blue, purple, purple, purple and green carpets are created.


Blue Carpet is a publicly accessible work of art in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, created by Thomas Heatherwick[1] It is a free open air area in front of the Laing Art Gallery, near the major retail and night club areas, plastered with glass-resin panels that spread along the edge of the room and resemble a carpet of cloth.

Though it is classed as a work of artwork in open space, it is nearer to an architectural characteristic. Plaza is paved with a blue pavement stone hide made of shredded blue glas and resin [1] At the points where this hide meets a structure, the panels bend upwards to give the impression that the tile is a cloth placed over the surface.

A series of banks appear to be collapsing from the carpet and beneath them there are recessed glass-roofed cabinets containing colourful lights[1] At the east end an old stairway that leads to an raised sidewalk has been substituted by a new one with a curved wooden ribbon shell designed by a nearby boat builder.

Finished in 2001, the project took six years to complete. £1.4 million[2] The work was partly financed by the Arts Lottery Fund and the European Regional Development Fund[3] Following the successful launch of Anthony Gormley's Angel of the North in Gateshead, Newcastle and other adjacent agencies sought to fund other high-profile government contracts.

Heatherwick' s draft was an integrated part of a street and contexts improvement effort at the Laing Art Gallery, which remained isolated from the downtown area by an empty tile partition after the old Viktorian collection was demolished in the sixties. Blue Carpet was to supplement the current building and give the town a modern iconic look.

At the final unveiling it was noticed that the carpet was much lighter than originally anticipated from Heatherwick's visualizations.

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