Blue Commercial Carpet

Blauer commercial carpet

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rug cleaner

With our lorry low-pressure vapour cleaners we can keep your rugs pure, cool and hygenic, whether in the home, at work or elsewhere. Scheduled carpet cleanup, a scheduled servicing plan that can be carried out from semi-annually to annually to make sure your carpet does not become "ugly" before it wears out. Repair of hydro damages, a 24-hour repair that provides rapid measures to reduce the damages caused by accidental injuries such as chest lines, flooding washers, and leaky canopies.

Carpet cleaner for restorations designed to minimize or eliminate visual contamination, ideal for day nurseries and rented accommodation. You can also have us upholster fabrics, leathers, mats, venetian shutters and cloth cover.

Teppichbewertung - Carpet InstituteCarpet InstituteCarpet Institute

Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) is one of the most recognised classification systems for solid fibre carpet worldwide. Rugs evaluated by NATA are independent from NATA approved laboratory and evaluated by the carpet experts' panel. Rugs are then classified according to their fitness for use in contractual and housing complexes under traffic circumstances that are described as lightweight, moderate, heavy as well as overweight.

Assorted rugs bear unique self-adhesive stickers with a system of circles indicating the likely look and feel of the rug. Contractual evaluations have a four-poster rating at most. Below are the blue and green tags identifying rugs that have been sorted for private use. The valuation of real estate is based on a maximal of six Stars.

A number of rugs bear both home and object ratings. That indicates that the stair tread material is appropriate for use on staircases in relation to its strength and optical holding characteristics. Red fluorescent lamps indicate that the carpet has been evaluated according to the Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS). Pay attention to the ACCS and ECS label and avoid unchecked carpet damage.

ACCS and ECS certified rugs only bear the Australia Carpet Mark, a recognised certification mark of the Carpet Institute of Australia.

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