Braided Doormat

Woven doormat

Prior to starting, practice the weave by making a miniature version of the mat with a thinner rope. Plaited doormat at Rose & Grey. The timeless and elegant hand woven and woven coconut floor mat from Knot-ical gives an insight into your personal taste while you give your warmest welcome. This robust and durable doormat is hand-woven by fique, a natural fibre native to South America, which is very similar to sisal. When there was ever a time to try something new, such as today's hand-woven doormat, it would be on a cold winter weekend (keyword weatherman):

Woven doormat

For the production of this stylisch and handy summermat a maritime fabric is used. Prior to starting, practise the braiding by making a miniaturized copy of the mesh with a slimmer cord. This is the size of the slab when you come to 4.) When weaving, use the back as a guiding point and glue down straps to obtain the slab form.

I used a 1/2-inch thick tortuous polyamide wire. Start at one end of the cable and make a free twist as shown; let a 30-inch cock on the right side and a game on the left side. Carefully slide the straps down. Use the end piece to weft as shown. With one end flaccid, loom down to the right side of the diagonal. Pass the cable.

Weave further up as shown and adjust the cable so that it corresponds to the graph. Stay on the way of the first round with a flaccid end and stay at the same level as the first. Draw the cord after each passage and weave until the pad has form. Stitch the ends with a pin through the cord, just below the fringed ends, and wind the cord a few turns around the cord.

Trim off the end of the cable just above the threads. Scorch jagged ends with a cigarette light to apply the seals; stitch to the bottom.

Plaited doormat at Rose & Grey

Delivery to UK: Since it is a difficult object, we will supply it with our specialized 2-man-crew. ATTENTION: We do not keep all our furnishings in the exhibition room, please make sure you travel to us to see this particular piece. In order to send goods back, just call Customer Service on 0161 926 8763 or send an e-mail.

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Woven oval doormat | Carpets

Made from braided India wool with a natural silver plated color, this clumsy structured floor mat with an ovale shape is extremely durable. Featuring a subtile design and durable toughness, it's just the thing to give your home a refreshing, rugged look from the minute you walk through the front doors.

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