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Trademark door mats

Advertising door mats for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for marketing your brand on a shop window, on the terrace or in the register. Logomats enhance every entrance and give it a modern and contemporary look, giving you instant brand awareness. The currently best door mat is the Andersen WaterHog. William F. Kempf Cocoma.

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Make the right impact with our customised corporate logomats. Our staff will help you to find the right brand for your company with the available logomats for indoors and outdoors. Brand door mats can really help make a good first impact on your company and can be the final touch for a new home or workplace.

One great way to make a big impact on trade professionals and co-workers is to use tailor-made desk mats to help make your company look good and good. Make a sustainable impact on your prospective clients, your existing clients and your co-workers with a professionally designed, high-quality and individual Mats4U-Logomat. Our customizable football mats are very long lived, dirt and ultraviolet proof and provide outstanding resistance.

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>How do I select an advertising mat?

Advertising mats are an intelligent way to promote your brands to your in- and outbound clients. The choice of advertising mats is to be considered: Indoors vs. outdoors: Customized Logomats? Welcomemats have a tendency to get soaked. A lot of promotion mats are made of a kind of rug. Find something that is easily swept and does not require much trouble to thoroughly wash when needed.

If you are looking for matting for outdoors, look for mats that are easily knocked off and resistant to chemical detergents so that disinfection does not cause the carpet to break down too quickly. It is a particularly important element for open-air mats. Be sure to use mats with ultraviolet light to keep your logos greasy and light for longer.

Several mats also have a specific gasket to prevent soiling.

Individual logo mats - branded, tailor-made entrance door mats

Logomats upgrade every doorway and give it a stylish and up-to-date look, giving you immediate recognition of your name. Insert your company emblem or trade name into the blanket so that it covers the entire life of the blanket. All our mats are made of either coconut fibre or brush. Coconut mats have been used in many entrances for years.

Coconut mats with a printed emblem are extremely beloved because they not only have the tried and tested abrasion resistance, but also take up humidity in a natural way. For the best optical effect on the mats, the mat is equipped with a bristle mat. Corrugated construction allows for the scratching effect when walking on the mats. While the main advantage of these commercially available entry logomats is their color fastness compared to coconut fiber, they are also more durable and therefore more suitable for high frequency entrances such as hotel, school and office environments.

Logomats are made of pre-dyed fibers, which are chopped and inserted into the pad. Each of the logomat product has a 12 months guarantee against production faults. Keep in mind that fibers may fade when exposed to the sun. One of the major advantages of the scrub mats is that the styling lasts the life of the mats instead of wiping them off with pressure in a shorter amount of space.

Caring - Periodic caring is essential to make sure your logotype pad stays on. What should I do to maintain my logomat made of paintbrush and Kokosfaser? Throughout this time you can just scrub or shuffle the pads. Do not use aggressive chemical products to remove this cleaning agent as it may discolour man-made fibers and naturally occurring coco fibers.

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