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Expand your brand to almost any room with tailor-made floor mats. Protect your carpet from all the traffic and improve the appearance of your interior with an ACC floor mat. emblem Meanwhile, most companies have implemented logomats as part of their advertising and branding strategies. These mats are usually used to advertise a particular trademark by a business as part of its promotional activities. The majority of our logos mats are tailor-made, but there are a few logos mats that contain fun taglines and message boards.

The majority of non-custom logos are placed at home by home dwelling customers. They are the types of mats we find on the front doors, with a welcome note on the top. Customer-specific logomats are usually ordered by trade and industry customers. The mats are placed inside or outside the store in order to attract the customer's interest and make a permanent impact.

Logomats are mainly used for advertising and branding. However, they also offer all the other advantages of mats, such as floor security, floor preservation and cleanness as well as aesthetics. We will discuss in this paper each of these operational and market advantages of the installation of logo mats at your company headquarters.

Advertising for a particular trademark is the primary purpose for ordering individual mats. Logotype mats can be used for periodic or selective advertising campaign to support a particular make or rebate sales. For example, some Classic Impressions HD logos can be produced with a state-of-the-art 3D printing system that allows 3D pictures and subtleties.

Embossed mats are used in all types of business and industry environments, as well as offices, dining rooms, manufacturing facilities, retailers, etc. Besides their market application, Logomats are also used because of their many practical advantages. Usually these mats have a fixed gripping area on the back and a coarse and structured top to provide users with good tracking on the mats and the mats on the floor.

They are called non-slip or non-slip mats. You will be charged to avoid unintentional falling on damp, unslippery surfaces. A further advantage of logomats is the floor shelter. Logomats are used as entrance mats to collect dust, sludge, dirt and other outdoor deposits to keep the inside clear.

Logomats placed on the floor prevent the floor from being scratched by humans stepping on it. Last but not least, logomats add value to the attractiveness of any company. When your individual logomats are designed in a professional way with fresh, clear colours, as is often the case with hotelmats, they will leave a good mark on all your clients.

You will also upgrade the interiors of your workplaces and thus promote your company's external identity.

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