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Premium brand carpet logo mats are elegantly upholstered, carpet-covered, individual door mats whose image is tufted into the mat. Impressions of SuperScrape Outdoor Logo Mats. Join the leading provider of custom logo mats for schools, homes, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, military, hospitals, brokers, property managers. Make access to your company a force multiplier for advertising your brand and order one of our individual logo mats with your company logo. Washable commercial logo mats from all manufacturers in the carpet, vinyl, rubber and waterhog sectors.

Premium brand carpet logo mats are elegant upholstered individual entrance mats covered with carpets, the picture of which is embossed into the mats.

Premium brand carpet logos mats are elegant upholstered individual entrance mats covered with carpets, the picture of which is embossed into the mats. Made with the help of computer tilting technologies, these personalised floor mats provide a uniquely toned and long-lasting look. ⢠The logos are directly embossed into the carpet to produce the densest mats available today.

⢠Made from DuPont's 38oz solvent grade clay, these customized mats withstand years of colour fade and wastage. ⢠Brand Carpet Logo Mats feature a durable vinylic backing and are available with matched vinylic bands or serrated cloth bands. ⢠No cost for art work or furnishing. ⢠Simple to clean: Just suck off or spray and wait drying.

Please use the field Logos Directions to provide your own special directions for placing the logos. PLEASE NOTE: The artist's evidence of the logofoot mats will be sent to you by e-mail for permission prior to publication.

>How do I select an advertising mat?

Advertising mats are an intelligent way to promote your brands to your in- and outbound clients. The choice of advertising mats is to be considered: Indoors vs. outdoors: Customized Logomats? Welcomemats have a tendency to get soaked. A lot of promotion mats are made of a kind of rug. Find something that is easily swept and does not require much trouble to thoroughly wash when needed.

If you are looking for matting for outdoors, look for mats that are easily knocked off and resistant to chemical detergents so that disinfection does not cause the carpet to break down too quickly. It is a particularly important element for open-air mats. Be sure to use mats with ultraviolet light to keep your logos greasy and light for longer.

Several mats also have a specific gasket to prevent soiling.

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The UK Mats are specialists in the development of brand logo mats. Make an impression on your guests today with personalised door mats. We have logo mats: Mats UK produces personalised logo mats by digital print on vinyl with our state-of-the-art ChromoJet 800 printers. This can be changed as often as necessary until you are satisfied with the logo mat's colourproofing.

The printed and branded mats are made of long-lasting latex mat. With our own in-house graphics artist we can also provide you with a creative services if you do not yet have print templates available, or if you want to modify something, or if you want to optimize your own print template for other purposes.

If you do not yet have a logo, we can also develop and produce it.

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