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Welcome brown mat

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This is Salem exhibiting the welcome mat for Governor Brown.

Over 200 individuals from the worlds of industry, government and nonprofit organizations crowded the Salem Conference Room on the first floors to welcome Gov. Kate Brown to the town. It was seen as an occasion to make contact with the Gouverneur. "It is an occasion to welcome the Gouverneur to the town and to connect the town and the Gouverneur in supporting the growth of businesses," said Chad Freeman, chairman of Strategic Economic Development Corp.

Mayor of Salem Anna Peterson made the opening speech by greeting the town' s chief executive and handing her a Brown Keys to the Town and Brown and her Man Dan Bibliotheque Maps. Mr Brown briefly talked and debated the best place to get an Oregon Chi and warm choc in town by voting the Governor's Cup for one and the Ike Box for the other.

"As she said, "I like Bush Course, and I loved walking in the course of the course, but the major needs to get the runways extended for the early-starters. It was a relaxing occasion where the participants mingled, ate and took a group picture after the governor's oration.

In spite of the relaxing environment, many participants felt that the event was an occasion to address their wish to the authorities to seek their advice on important issues. Richard Duncan, chairman of Richard Duncan Construction, said there needs to be more coordination between governments and industry. A participant, Patricia Callihan, acknowledged the need for consulting between the Gouverneur and the corporate world and stressed the bonds of the corporate world in the town.

Brown received numerous comments from participants on her previous activities and short comments from them. Peterson said she was just as delighted with the variety and participation of the participants. "I am so happy with the participation in such a large cross-section of members from industry, governments and so many other sectors of our fellowship that come out tonight," she said.

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