Bulk door Mats

Large-capacity door mats

Wholesale Heavy Duty Waterproof Plain Coir Doormat. While some mats have a PVC backing and are mechanically tufted, others are tufted by hand with natural and recycled rubber using a hydraulic press. Rubber mats and mats with a rubbed back are also available! Doormats Emtrance in a variety of colors and styles at reduced prices. Large, inexpensive outdoor mats for apartment buildings.

Cheap three-row forefoot mat (pack of 12)

Simplicity entrance mats have a rug surface with an elegant consistent look and are available in three different colours. A great, economical choice for a front floor mat for indoor and outdoor use, these entrance mats are a great choice. These mats can only be bought in the case (12 mats per case: 6 charcoals), 4 walnuts, 2 blues).

A new house, a giveaway or a "thank you gift" from a bank/lender or real estate agent when selling a house.

Volume discounts on door mats | wholesale floor mats

The Waterhog Doormats provide powerful interior and exterior scratch mats at 30% off retailer price, with FREE shipment on all Waterhog Doormat orders over $100 (for orders under $100, a $12.95 lump sum charge applies) and a 100% customer satisfaction warranty. There is no other industrial ground cover that catches moisture and debris so efficiently.

The Waterhog door mats are made of rubber-reinforced studs and offer a pressure-resistant scrape function. Waterhog Doormat's elevated edge of the door mat's "Water Dam" catches dust and debris and keeps the floor clean and safe. Waterhog Door Mat's perimeter can accommodate up to 1.5 gal per sq. meter of fluid.

The Waterhog door mats are available in many different designs and dimensions for all your door mat requirements. More than 18 different colours, elastic or cloth edges and two back versions are available in the Waterhog door mat. The Waterhog door mats are made in the USA and are made of an antistatic solution-dyed PP that dries quickly and withstands the harmful influences of external factors (rot, salts, melting ice) and ultraviolet rays.

The Waterhog Door Matss are perfect for school, hotel, hospital, office, church, mall, restaurant, food store, motel, museum, factory, warehouse and all trade, commerce, retail as well as housing sectors. Waterhog door mats can be cleaned using a simple suction cleaner, suction or tube and hung away from the floor. The Waterhog Door Mat's non-slip non-slip elastic underlay contains 20% recycle free contents that will not tear or contract; it is non-slip National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) approved and offers a 100% guaranteed satifaction.

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