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Coconut Traditional Fibre & Washable Carpet Logo Doormats UK. Learn more about our mats and services. The Welcome Mat is the perfect way to make your home more inviting. No matter whether you own a small business or a department store chain, nothing is more handy than a durable rubber protective mat for your entrance area. Doormats in aluminium, recommended for places such as: airports, shopping centres, public facilities.

Direct365 offers floor care products for various sectors to enhance sanitation, healthcare and security from the front door and beyond.

Direct365 offers soil care products for various sectors to enhance sanitation, healthcare and security from the front door and beyond. Every business should be fitted with high grade mats that help keep flooring neat, tidy and safe while looking good all the while. These mats serve as a first line of defense for any type of commercial ground, perfectly suited for areas susceptible to humidity, soiling and heavy walking.

It' s great to buy a mats for your business, but service is an essential part of staying your floor tidy and secure. Replacing and washing the mats at a convenient moment, our experts provide a trouble-free service at an affordable cost.

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The Waterhog Diamondcord entrance mats are stylish interior scratch mats that not only look good but also deliver outstanding performance. Waterhog Diamondcord door mats are made with a durable, rubber-reinforced, double-storey finish that is engineered to minimise nap size reduction by providing superior soil and humidity absorption. The Waterhog Diamondcord mats are environmentally friendly with a 20% recyclable tyre underlay.

Waterhog Diamondcord mats can be used with a glued back for carpets or a flat back for heavy use. Silicon diamonds on the bottom layer of the ground cover create a sa-crapping effect for use in several directions. The Waterhog Diamondcord mats are not suitable for use in areas subject to fat or oil based materials.

Waterhog Diamondcord mid-range mats can be used in shops, colleges, hospitals, offices, church and home environments - or as walking mats to help keep your streets clean. The Waterhog Diamondcord entry mats are slightly smaller due to the "curing process".

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