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Mats World Logo Mats and mats are available in a variety of designs with different processes and mat materials. Entry mats can be used not only to protect your floors. I was looking for carpets for my retail store. All floor mats are your source for house and business entrance mats, car floor mats & holiday and season mats! Residential buildings and business premises with average visitor numbers.

Industrial entrance mats | Entrance mats for interiors

Your entry mats in front of your buildings can either make a good first impact or not for your business. Selecting the best mats for your business requires some research and time. Does the blanket serve as an inner blanket or as an entry blanket outdoors? Does the entry mats get embedded in the cement or are they placed on the surfaces?

Which kind and which volume of pedestrian flow will the mats have to resist? The main goal of this entry level carpet - low cost, cockroaches, shelf life ororption? If you have any queries as to which kind of entry mats is best suited for your industrial use, please call us.

Our aim is to help you find the best industrial mats for your business and to offer you the best possible support.

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Used for apartment blocks and business rooms with medium visitor numbers. Ideally for the admission of Feinschmutz. Elegant with a carpet-like look. Designed for all normally occupied and individually designed building. Ideally for the admission of Feinschmutz. Designed for highly trafficked areas such as commercial centers and airport areas.

Ideally for the admission of Feinschmutz.

Industrial entrance mats | Entrance mats

Because of the chosen colour, this was reordered for 2 additional week. Excellent workmanship, very accurate cutting of edges. It was a really high grade rug, the colour was full and strong, the surface structure was smooth with a very full number of threads. You are very easy to enter, even with naked toes, and you are very safe,

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