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Market leader in the manufacture of floor mats for commercial and industrial applications, including anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats and logo mats. It's easy to add a professional touch to the front entrance of your office building with entrance carpets. Discover our large selection of entrance mats through to anti-fatigue mats. The Armadillo carpets are hand woven and fair handled. Armadillo and Co Carpets ship Australia-wide free of charge.

Carpets available at Carpet Court

Which are the advantages of carpets? Carpets also help to redefine and zon a room - which is a big plus in open-plan apartments - by forming a uniform basis for floor furnishings and a room underlay. Carpets are also the ideal option for decorating the home when you rent as they allow you to emboss your own personal touch on a house.

Are carpets suitable for any kind of covering? Carpets are unbelievably diverse and look just as good on a wooden surface as on cement or tile. Indeed, carpets are a good way to make your carpets look as good as new by preventing them from being damaged such as scratched.

Which type of carpet should I use? The Carpet Court offers a wide range of carpets, from classical to modern, in classical neutral or strong colors. Do you think about who will live in the room, how sturdy must the areas be to resist pedestrian movement and movement of people?

Woollen carpets are gorgeous, tough and a luxurious, long-lasting bedroom and home furnishing option. Woollen is a traditionally made rug fiber that has good fire retardancy and is dirt and dirt repellent, making it an excellent option for children and pet owners. Areas with high levels of heavy vehicle use are particularly suitable for rugs.

Spot-proof, hydrophobic and low-maintenance, they are a good option for lively households. Allfresco carpets are an excellent way to lighten your exterior and give your decks a warm, textured feel. The Carpet Court collection includes an extended assortment of high-strength PP carpets for indoor and outdoors use.

These carpets, which have been developed especially for outdoor use, are UV-stable, i.e. they do not lose their colour in the direct sunlight. They are also unbelievably simple to wash; just spray them off and let them sit in the suntan. The Carpet Court has a wide selection of carpets specifically developed for children's rooms. Created in Australia and made from 100% Japanese acrylic post, these sturdy carpets boast a supremely smooth fluffy post in vibrant colors that children will adore.

Minute carpets look miserly, while a large, spacious carpet sitting under the couch, stools and side furnishings feel luxury. What should I do to buy my carpets from Carpet Court? The Carpet Court makes it simple for you to buy your new carpets on-line. Just rummage through our vast assortment, select your color and your new blanket is available to pick it up in your desired shop.

In case you have made a change of opinion or are not 100% satisfied with your on-line carpet purchases, you can send it back to us within 5 workingdays after your order. While it is still in new working order, in its orginal packing and you can enclose a receipt, Carpet Court will make a reimbursement or replacement at the value of the purchased item.

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