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Promotional Corporate Products & Gifts! Effective marketing draws the attention of your customers to your products and services again and again. Redcastle, Victoria, Australia. An advertising gift or speciality advertising company can be a profitable company.

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Fresh Promotions has the biggest selection of over 10,000 individually labelled promotional products in Australia. You will find all the products you need, from classic pencils and notebooks to flashdrives, stressballs, air refreshers and filled bottles of hot and cold tap linen, in our one-stop shopping area. To talk to an advertising advisor, call Fresh Promotions at 1800 129 999.

Let us know about the merchandising concepts you are looking for - we will find them and make them for you! Although it is hard to judge the effect of any of the items in your campaign, there are some established principles that have stood the test of the years. It has been shown again and again that an initial return on an invest in brands can be achieved most quickly if it is successfully incorporated into the overall communication infrastructure.

If, for example, a brand-name article is selected and given to prospective clients, the effect of the present doubles when it refers to the promotional statement. With the right articles and the right messages, people become more aware of the general promotional messages and the ROI. Campaign on a social scale, advertise personally and get a feed-back cycle that improves results for both.

PromoGear: Brisbane Promotional Items | Regional Queensland

Do you need a tailor-made solution? When you are looking for a particular item, make an appointment with us to see our store and talk about your needs. Promogear delivers a broad spectrum of promotional, brand and promotional items to clients at home and abroad. Since 1976 Promo Gear has been supplying high value promotional items and giveaways at home and abroad, so we have the contact and expertise to make sure your work is done right the first and foremost.

From our local specialist products to our local engineering and sales departments, we deliver exactly what you want, when you want it, at the cost we offer you. Arrange an appointment with us for a tour of our store or an event to see you at your home.

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