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Crystal clear images that give your customers an immediate positive impression of your business. Mehmet, who had founded a carpet wholesale business in New Jersey before going to Colombia to study architecture, started training me in carpets. Carpets have been supplied for reception areas, hotels, lobbies, seats, shopping centres, airports, apartments and price houses. Discover our high quality textile and carpet assortment. From carpets to cushions, curtains and blinds, we have everything in a wide range of styles and colours.

This is how you get started Handmade Carpets and Home Textiles Business Online

Present your company and tell us your story: Unexpectedly, my initiation into carpets was; I worked as a UX couturier in New York when I was falling in Love with a Turkish-American architectural firm. For a young Israeli architecter there were endless possibilities in Turkey than in the States, so we chose to move.

During this period we established a company for architectural and architectural work in Istanbul. Mehmet, who had established a carpet wholesaler in New Jersey before going to Colombia to study economics, began training me in carpets. Around this period, I also began to receive all kinds of inquiries from my relatives, my acquaintances, my family's acquaintances, my friends' acquaintances, my friends' acquaintances, my friends' acquaintances to help them find a carpet - even though I was NOT in the carpet business at that point.

When I was in Turkey, for most of us this closeness was sufficient. My professional interest has always been in elegantly easy ways to resolve issues; the sale of high-quality hand-made carpets to humans turned out to be a challenge, and I seemed to be in an interesting place to try to resolve it.

But there was a niche in the market: a trusted, straightforward carpet firm that sells good handcrafted carpets at affordable price that genuine human beings can buy. The one way we can make such high value handcrafted carpets at affordable rates is to try to prevent the intermediary. Our customers come to India, Pakistan, Turkey and elsewhere to buy our wares.

What channel is now the one that generates the most revenue and revenue for you? My boyfriends had boyfriends who were looking for a carpet and they knew that we would give them good advise even if they did not buy from us. Pinterest, Instagram and comments on favorite home accessory blog's bring the most skilled audience to our site; other online community sites and Houzz offer a good presence but don't immediately translate.

Please tell us about the backend of your company. Do you use any specific tool or app to run your shop? A major lesson we've learnt is that creating your fellowship - a true group of individuals interested in what you do - and meaningfully interacting with them is much more rewarding than spending your money on advertising.

Carpets are a hard to shipp article and since more than 90% of our items are one-of-a-kind, we package and shipp them ourselves, mostly via UPS. Which are your most important suggestions for new shopkeepers? Concentrate on your main business, get your shop up and running quickly and continuously improving it. Take a look at the analysis and see what they are interested in and adapt it accordingly.

Explore different ways outside your business to see what attracts the most skilled visitors - skilled is the keyword. It is not a good use of market dollar or time/energy if you do not bring along folks who are willing to buy.

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