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Andersen's carpet is a convenient and classy floor covering choice, available in a wide variety of colors, mixes and finishes - there is a carpet to match every taste and budget. Pedestrian transport, kids and pet animals are important considerations to consider when selecting your carpet as they affect its quality and fiber.

If you have a few young soccer players in your home, for example, think of the spot and dirt repellency as well as the fiber qualities and fiber constructions. Find out how you can use the following tab pages to find out what carpet qualities and fibers you need. If you have any queries, please consult your Andersens shop and one of our skilled advisors will help you select the best carpet and fiber.

Do not make these errors when purchasing carpets .

It is probably the number one thing we warn consumers about when buying carpets. Don't expect a carpet with a higher grammage to be better than a carpet with a lower grammage. It' s a slight error, because we can understand quite simply the approach of allocating a numeric value to something that indicates quantity - in other words, we "get" the notion that a larger number (weight) is better.

However, there are too many other things that come into the picture when it comes to carpet determination. It' s simpler to tell someone that 50 oz. carpet is better than 40 oz. carpet than to tell them all the other considerations: rotation, thickness, etc.

That is pretty much the biggest error you could make when purchasing a new carpet. You' d probably rather be saving the cash and spending it on things you can lean back and look at - take the cash you are saving on the base and maybe buy a new one. This also applies to the carpet underlay.

The undercushion protects your carpet by cushioning the effects of pedestrian activity so that the carpet does not need to be damaged. A better undercushion not only feels more pleasant, but also helps your carpet look better than an inferior upholstery over a longer amount of years.

Cannot emphasize it enough: your carpet is only as good as your underlay. When you are working on a small footprint, we strongly suggest you spend a little less on the carpet and a little more on the upholstery. Reduced carpet looks better, feels better and performs better with a high class upholstery.

Only because two rugs look and feels the same does not necessarily mean that they deliver the same performance. Make sure that they are made of the same fibre, that they have the same look and are of the same qualit. You can also check the manufacturer's guarantees on the rugs. When one carpet has a 10-year guarantee and the other has a 20-year guarantee, you obviously do not see the same carpet qualities.

The calculation of the carpet requirement is much more complex than the sum of the squared meters of your rooms. So many other things to keep in mind - such as the width of the carpet roller and the orientation of the carpet stack, for the beginning - that the simple multiplication of your readings usually does not give an exact result.

They will know how to take these factors into consideration and should be able to give you an estimate of your overall space needs. All of us like to get a bargain, so it's enticing to believe the promise of having a whole home with carpet for $99, or to get free upholstery with carpet on it.

Consider, for example, a situation where Company A offers a $99 full-house install and Company B calculates $0.50 per sq ft for the install. When you need to lay an area of 500 sq. meters of carpet, the company's laying fee is $250 B. Those costs should cover the costs for the "free" install.

When you have a simple quadratic space for carpets that has nothing complex to offer, you may be able to lay the carpet yourself or have your "practical" boyfriend do it for you. In addition, however, it is probably better if you have laid the carpet in a professional manner. There' s a good point why carpet layers are referred to as pros.

It is because they lay carpets every single working day and have all the specialist equipment and expertise needed to do so well. Yes, carpet laying can be costly, especially if you do a great deal of padding (stairs, balusters, etc.). However, a badly laid carpet not only looks poor, it cannot work the way the carpet should and must therefore be replaced earlier than it would otherwise have done.

Also note that many guarantees require that the carpet be laid in a professional manner to be considered correct. When making a carpet purchase it is important to take your life style into consideration when making a purchase. Your style of living and the terms and circumstances of your home should have a big impact on your carpet choices.

You need a carpet that can handle more heavy loads and is more resistant to stains. You can also look for rugs that are near your animals (less animal fur on the rug) or that have a tendency to conceal grime slightly (e.g. stained Berber or Friezen).

For those who live in traditional more sunny climate zones, more attention will be paid to fading resistant, while for those who live in humid climate zones, the focus will be on man-made carpet fibres that are less susceptible to mould and fungus. Unfortunately, the carpet we need is not always the carpet we want. You can easily immortalize yourself in the pictures in magazine with exquisite rooms and untouched mats.

However, before you go out and buy this carpet, consider whether it really suits your life style.

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