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The Coir Door Mat will welcome your guests. This coconut floor mats are very slip-resistant, dirt-repellent, rot-resistant and mould-resistant. Which is it, how to use it, and the best coconut brands you can buy". Coir, Rubber Doormats & Bathmats Online. Natural Rubber Floor Mats.

Big coconut floor mat with grey edge.


Cushion. Mesh dimensions approx.: 40x60cm (1'4 "x2'). The JVL Union Flag floor mats 40 x 70cm. Nonslip elastic underlay. Mesh dimensions approx.: 40x60cm (1'4 "x2'). Dimensions: about 40 x 60 cm. Our highly motivated and experienced staff will try to solve all your problems. Forty by sixty inches Star Wars Yoda Doormat.

  • approximately 60cm x 40cm.

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Strengthen the socio-economic empowerment of deprived and abandoned sections of Bangladesh population, especially female sections of the population. The CORR The Jute Works is a non-profit women's craft business located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Today, The Jute Works is one of Bangladesh's biggest artisan crafts exports, and represents more than 7,000 female country craftspeople who are members of over 200 co-operatives.

It works with deprived mothers, regardless of class, faith or racial origin, offers vocational education, managerial and managerial capacities and contributes to raising greater understanding of the position of mothers. At home, most females make crafts that correspond to the work between housework and childcare. Handmade articles are made from local available resources such as lute, clay/terracotta, tree leaf, coir, banana leaf and weed.

Manufactured according to Bangladesh tradition, the collection includes carrier bag and hammock. In Bangladesh, straw fiber is abundantly cultivated, supported by tens of million of smallholders, and provides jobs for several hundred thousand more. This is the second most important fiber in the word after wool, with mostly seeded plant in the summers (March-May) and matured for 4-6 month.

It is a favorite for manufacturers because it is a powerful fiber that is abundantly cultivated in Bangladesh. This horsehair-like fiber is cleverly interwoven into cord pouches and fabrics that provide a lasting, long-lasting and appealing replacement for traditional plastics sacks. With their work, the wives do not only make cash, but also more income and self-confidence.

It also conducts workshop sessions to increase members' understanding of community environments, particularly contamination and sustainability, and to promote personal and collective accountability for maintaining a sound natural world. One of the first purchasers of The Jute Works, Oxfam provides extra assistance through advice on designs, colors and style to make sure the product is able to compete in the Australia one.

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