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Suggestions for buying commercial carpets. This is to help you with all your commercial carpet requirements. But you can keep costs down by not buying more carpets than you need. The complete range of Tennant carpet cleaning equipment offers you a variety of options and maximum flexibility when cleaning large or small areas. Locate the right commercial carpets to support your DIY project.

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No matter whether you choose a carpet that you place in an existing building, an old fashioned building, a college, a retail shop or perhaps a restaurant, there are a few things you need to consider. While there may be multiple floor coverings for these areas such as rigid floors and carpet tile, these are not always the most convenient, cost-effective or secure choices for your workspace.

Employees may be left to stand on their barefoot for long or schoolchildren may be doing activity on the ground, so it makes good business to have a high grade and secure finish on which they will not stumble over sharp and lose tiles or slip on tough and damp finishes that are prone to scratching and need a lot of care.

Such things can lead to serious personal injury and lost production in the work place.

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Ensure that the carpet has been assessed by an independant assessment system such as the Australian Carpet Classification System (ACCS). Contact your dealer for the kind of backing that best suits your carpet selection. Have your dealer provide you with a laying schedule so that you know where the carpet is coming from.

Maintain a log of the name of the dealer and carpet maker, the number of the carpet rating, the nature of the backing, any guarantee information and keep a small amount of the carpet left over. Think about purchasing a small additional carpet as a spare to replenish areas that have been affected. When covering a staircase with carpet, consider purchasing enough carpet to restore the staircase, as the carpet on the staircase will wear out more quickly than in other areas of the house.

Keep the carpet protected from extended exposure to the sun with venetian shutters, umbrellas or canopies. Provide sufficient air circulation during the course of the working days and for a single working days or so after a new carpet has been laid. Find out more about carpet care. Below are the following Carpet Institute retailers:

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