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Correct floor mats help prevent slips and falls, improve work performance by reducing fatigue and preventing contamination. Wahoo KICKR floor mat is the perfect partner for your KICKR. Precise adaptation to shape and contour or base (guaranteed). Learn more about this in our purchasing guide for production mats. Store for durable jute and recycled hosiery hand woven floor mats, will be a beautiful and practical addition to any home.

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Spilled fuel is not only a major issue with your car, it can also be a major issue for your carport. Doormats are a great way to either cover your whole car park or just the area under your car as they are available in a wide range of heights.

You can find the right sizes to fit the space you need from 24 square feet of interconnected jigsaw puzzles to 220 square feet of individual puzzles that can fit over your whole floor. Gum floor matting protects your floor from various types of material such as oils, debris, mud, sludge, mush, water sludge and ice, and many mat styles feature snap-on rims that provide a barrier that can absorb a few litres of fluid.

Easily cleaned, these blankets prevent you from chasing undesirable objects from a filthy floor so you can keep not only your car park tidy, but also your home.

WaterRower Buy protective floor mat

Guard your floor and move your WaterRower with this cushion. WaterRower mat provides protection where your oarsman is. Keep your WaterRower in place with this mat made of gum. When you have the feeling that your products have not fulfilled a consumer warranty (as specified by the Australia Consumer Act), don't be worried, you can:

Doormats - Mathematics

Strengthen important mathematical ideas with every move! Measuring 30cm x 520cm and showing numbers from -20 to 20, this colorful huge floor number line is huge. Floor Number Line is ideal for practicing with numbers that are inferior. Ideal for kinaesthetic movements! The addition of numbers to the series of numbers allows pupils to see that a series of numbers does not stop (or begin) at zero.

This series of numbers is a great pictorial aid for teaching pupils how to use numbers that are bad, and helps them practice adding and subtracting numbers that are bad and numbers that are bad. Floor number line is perfect for working in small groups or taking part in classes. Make sure pupils take off their boots before using the floor number line.

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