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The Cannon mat series includes the universal, durable solid rubber mat designed for comprehensive floor protection. Though this design has now been copied by many other manufacturers, none of them has the same quality and fit as the original Cannon car mats. No more Cannon Car Floor Mats No longer produces and sells all-weather rubber floor mats for cars. That is why we supply a range of different floor mats in different shapes and sizes to suit every situation. As CANNON Instruments replaced their rubberized mats with Grippy Floor mats, they already achieved positive results when taking off.

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The Cannon range of mats includes the versatile, durable solid foam mats developed for comprehensive floor cover. All of them are equipped with the Cannon antislip back. KLICK ME TO ORDER GUN MATS ONLINE! THIS IS A HIGH QUALITY VELOUR/RUBBER MATS. ONE OF THE CHARACTERISTICS IS THE NON-SLIP UNDERLAY. HEEL AREA FOR A LONG SERVICE LIFETIME OF THE MATT.

GUMMED EQUIPMENT CAN BE CUT TO FIT THE INTERIOR OF THE VEHICLE. Get in touch with Noel's Auto Parts for all your quality gun mats!

Canyon Profile II Classic rubber floor mat set - Front - Heavy duty Trim to Fit - XPT00000067ACA

Hard-wearing gum carpets with a classy styling that includes the cutting line provide these sets of carpets with reliable resistance to moisture, dust and soiling. The Cannon Profile automotive carpet series was newly developed on the basis of client feed-back and with new styling characteristics the results are the semi-universal automotive carpet series Profile II.

The carpets are made for most cars, with the cutting line incorporated into the finished carpet, giving both a clear look and all the important "Cannon Fit". Even though this style has been reproduced by many other makers, none of them has the same level of workmanship and fitting as the Cannon cars.

Main features: A kit of carpets for cars composed of two front mats. Long-lasting, thick boot section that provides coverage where the shoe is most stressed and specifically engineered to allow the feet to glide smoothly on the heels. Manufactured from tough, thick gum that protects the inside of your vehicle from moisture and soiling.

Low cutting line at the front and back of the carpets makes it easier to install in the vehicle and at the same time serves as a filter for debris and moisture and provides additional shelter. It is important, however, to eliminate all available floor mats before you install our products. The highly grooved surface of the carpets can be used to scrap off mud and ice.

Consisting of the specifically designed compound of durable, naturally occurring jungfraulichem gum from Cannon, the automotive carpets are manufactured with over 1000 hour developing time using the latest CAD/CAM technologies to make sure "Cannon Fit". Also known as floor coverings, all Cannon mats have been designed with the expertise and expertise that Cannon has built up over 60 years of manufacture to meet and exceed the needs of the world's top automotive brands.

In contrast to most other rubber car mats on the marked, Cannon car mats are manufactured under the aspect of "Quality of Engineering".

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