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Fibres at the victims' boots helped solve the case several years ago a young woman was murdered in Sydney. Maintain the interior of your vehicle flawlessly with our car seat cleaner, vacuum cleaner, leather cleaner and more. Right now it's out of the car. Check costs, read reviews and get the best deals on the aftermarket or the replacement carpet set. In the canton of Red Carpet Car Wash, OH offers cleaning services, monthly wash schedules, specials and more.

Carpet - Carpet Carpet

In the Clark Rubber online shop, buy $130 or more to get the free restricted delivery quote. Our quotation is restricted to supplies within 50 km of the Clark rubber warehouse to fulfill the order. Barrier Goods as defined in these General Business Considerations shall mean, without restriction, Clark Swimming and Spa Resorts, Clark Spa Resorts, Clark Spas, Clark Filtrite Spa Resorts, Sleepmaker Spring Core Beds and/or Floors, Queen Size and King Size Sponge Beds, Queen Size and King Size Sponge Beds, Sponge Plaster, Pre-cut Use Mats, Ultrarim Basins, Prismatic Purifiers and Metalrim Basins.

How long is the estimated lead-times? Your order will be processed within 1-3 working day after receiving it, provided it is available. After shipping, you will get your order within 1-8 working days, dependent on the shipping method used and your site. Packages will be shipped within 6 week from date of order.

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Carpet manufacturer TST

T.S.T. Carpet Manufacturers (Aust.) Pty Ltd. has been producing moldable car mats for over 34 years. Automotive, Siba shaped carpet & Knox shaped carpets. Delivered directly to all clients, retailers and the general public, shaped car carpets for previous car types and roll-fed carpets. The following manufacturers are included in our models:

When you have bought your shaped car carpet, click here to dowload a copy of the assembly instruction.


At Protectomat we have more than twenty years combined expertise in delivering a high value molded carpet for over three hundred different car types across Europe, from Ute's to 4WD's. Protectomat's expertise has made it a leading player in the carpet industry and a provider to the DIY industry (Do It Yourself).

Made from durable premium car carpet, available in a strap and a chopped nap. Every shaped car carpet has a durable cushion ed for extra comfort on the driver's side. There are no cuts in the carpet, so clients with modificated vehicles can adjust the carpet accordingly. Obtainable in either loose hole style and custom hole style:

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