Car Carpet Liner

carpet lining

Explore the best automotive floor mats and cargo liners in the bestsellers. Producer of automotive carpets, marine carpets, sound insulation, door seals, edge trim and soft furniture for the automotive and shipping trade. The WeatherTech Cargo and Trunk Linings are tailor-made to keep spills, dirt and grease away from the interior of your vehicle.

Panelling Van - Auto Extras

Safeguard your car purchase with high-quality, long-lasting fairings. So if your truck is a working horse and is likely to show premature signs of deterioration, consider using Auto Extras fitted panelling to cover the wall and bottom of your installation. Flooring and wall plywood: Improve your efficiencies when objects glide and can be stowed well.

For more information on our range of interiors made of wood for your car or your car pool, please contact our expert and professional staff. Net panels provide internal panel protections and multiple attachment points in your transporter. When you run a messenger, dealer or other kind of company from your truck, you'll find our rugged, high value meshed panels an inestimable asset.

Manufactured from 50mm squared, 4mm wired, galvanized steels, our grid panels provide outstanding performances and are compatible with a wide range of makes and types of vehicles. The advantages of the installation of mesh panels are: partitioning. Do you need a long-lasting car trim that protects your car from dust, grime and scratch? This rugged 5mm mat is designed for transporter flooring that has to work in harsh conditions.

Manufactured from a structured, non-slip finish, our matting increases your security when handling loads. The rubber load pads are wear-resistant, easily cleaned and quick-drying, making them the perfect choise for every craftsman. Speak to our expert staff today about the best freight master solutions for your car.

When we convert to cars and for companies that have to carry sensitive goods, such as photographic or movie gear, we often display transporters with carpets. We match the colours of the vinyls to those of already finished walls and hoods to create an appealing interiors. Securing the load is important for security and order.

There is a D-ring attached to the bottom or side panel, with the panel used behind the anchorage to improve rigidity. Auto-extras is a reliable specialist who installs these security points to make sure they have the best rated loads for your needs.

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