Car Floor Mat Set

Floor mats set

This universal floor mats catch dirt, mud and water and keep the carpet of your vehicle clean. A Velcro bottom grab and a non-slip surface are included. That means the mat set is ideal for your car. Individual, stylish black and white monogram car carpet set. Let's face it, cleaning the interior of your car is no fun.

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92200 Michelin Style 903 Universal car floor mat (set of 5, black)

A good quality but it is not specially developed for each car, so you will not get a great fitting. Once the resize is larger, you can trim it from the edge to adjust it. When the area of the mat is larger, it is smaller. Look at images of front matting in Ertiga.

Foot/shoe does not slide, moisture and dirt remain in the mat, which is easy to clean, the backseat mat's appearance is not exactly shown in the image in the detailed instruction manual. Small differences, but it also seals off moisture and dirt well. List says 5 pcs set, but I don't remember having seen the 5th pc and using only 4 pcs in my car.

Simritz® frozen food trolley floor mat set, 4 pieces

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