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On-line shopping for floor mats from a large selection in the Car & Motorbike Store. Buy online for Car Mats & buy now with free home delivery on selected orders! Buy Doormats online in Malaysia and find all car accessory discounts and car deals. The rear one-piece mats are designed to cover the maximum of the rear floor. In search of a store (online is good) that sells matching floor mats.

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In the event that you are not happy with your order, you may reimburse it for a full refund within 30 working days of the date of order, provided that the following conditions are met: You will receive the receipts for the goods, the goods are in their natural state, still in their swivel trailer, and the goods will be sent back within 30 workingdays after purchase.

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There is a wide variety of car related and universally applicable floor mats available for almost every car model. No matter if you need floor mats made of textiles or rubbers - you are guaranteed to find what you need on our website. What do I need to do to find the right floor mats for my car?

Purchasing floor mats from our online store couldn't be simpler. Just choose your car under " Special floor mats " and the floor mats fitting for your car will be shown. Whether you are driving a VW Golf VII, Opel Astra, Audi A3 or Ford Fiesta, we provide tailor-made floor mats for almost any car.

Advantages of floor mats: What different types of material are floor mats made of? Car mats made of velours or needled felt are very wear and scratch proof and keep the foot space free of dirt and dirt. At the rider's side, the suede rug has a contrast coloured woven reinforcing material and the needled felt rug has a protective elastic layer that is highly wear-resisting.

In addition, they are watertight and thus ideally qualified to avoid damages to the car body due to corrosion. Gummifußmatten are particularly appropriate for cool and damp weathers. Due to the characteristics of rubbers the floor mats are very sturdy and non-slip.

It is important that the floor mats have this characteristic to ensure that no moisture gets onto the floor of the car. Protective floor mats fulfil the requirements of original equipment manufacturers and accuracy of fitting. Using high-quality fabrics, the boots are odourless and the patent-registered embossed design provides a safe hold for the boots during the ride.

Because of the rough design on the bottom of the floor mats, the floor mats do not slide when underway. What is the number of parts in a floor mats kit? Whether made of gum, velours or needled felt, a doormat kit comprises four parts. Every kit contains a suitable floor pad for rider and front seat passengers as well as two floor mats for the stern.

Floor mats for individual vehicles are exactly designed for the particular car type, whether Mercedes E-Class, BMW 3 or Kia Sorento. All-purpose floor mats made of gum, velours or needled felt. There is a large selection of floor mats, whether floor mats made of elastic, suede or needled felt.

There is no difference in terms of product specification, product specification, product specifications and product specifications between these floor mats and vehicle-specific floor mats, but they are cheaper because the manufacturing process is geared to large volumes and the trimmer does not have to be re-configured for each individual car. The rubber floor mats have cut marks and are pressed at the edge so that it is very simple to trim.

It is best to use a penknife or editor when cutting mats. Make sure that you use a safe surface when you trim the elastic mats. Please feel free to bring work glove - available in our online store.

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